West Va. AG Morrisey to Newsmax: Jan. 6 Panel, Biden, Dems ‘Overreaching’

West Va. AG Morrisey to Newsmax: Jan. 6 Panel, Biden, Dems 'Overreaching' (Newsmax/"John Bachman Now")

By Eric Mack | Wednesday, 15 December 2021 08:16 PM

Americans should be very concerned Democrats and the Jan. 6 Select Committee are seeking to tear down the constitutional authority of executive privilege – not to mention our "liberty" through "quintessential federal overreach" and "huge power grabs" – according to West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey on Newsmax.

"I liken the executive privilege argument to what people rely on every day," Morrisey told Tuesday's "John Bachman Now." "Let's say you want to use an attorney: There's attorney-client privilege because you want confidential conversations with someone to get the best possible counsel, not reveal everything to the entire world.

"A president should have a similar opportunity to get the counsel that he needs. I think that's where a lot of the American people are looking at what's going on and saying, 'a president does deserve to have some meaningful executive privilege that allows him to do his job the right way.'"

Morrisey told host John Bachman, in an exclusive in-studio interview, the Jan. 6 committee is exposing itself as biased and "unfair" with their sweeping, unilateral moves.

"When you start to see a commission that's voting 9-0 on everything, you start to wonder, 'is this really an independent, meaningful investigation, or is it just jury-rigged from the very beginning?'" Morrisey said. "That's what worries me.

"When I think of investigations as an attorney general, I think about how to get to the right result, get the facts out there for the American people. I don't think of just how I put 9-0, 9-0, 9-0. This doesn't look like a fair process."

The "disaster" is the Biden administration and Democrats are "unhinged" on Jan. 6, much like their energy overhaul agenda and mask and vaccine mandates, Morrisey continued.

"These people are unhinged: They don't care about our liberty; they don't care about our jobs; they don't care about our Constitution," Morrisey said. "Fortunately, the Republican attorneys general are stepping up.

"We've filed lawsuit after lawsuit against these vaccine mandates. And guess what? We're 3-0 so far and we're going to keep going.

"We have more lawsuits coming, but that's because the Constitution doesn't allow these federal agencies to have these huge power grabs. Congress needs to delegate authority to them. That's all we're trying to make sure happens.

"A lot of these folks on the other side, they don't realize the Constitution restrains power. It's supposed to be limited government for 'We the People.' That's not what these guys are trying to do."

Morrisey pointed to un-elected New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul – under the guise of "science" – attempting COVID-19 mandates that even counties in her state are rejecting to enforce.

"When you have people like that are making decisions having nothing at all to do with the science," Morrisey said, noting the omicron variant was introduced in South Africa and acted on by policy makers before listening to the science.

"New York acted and made statements before anybody even got tests back about the nature of the variant," he continued. "That shows and proves that these guys are not doing it for scientific or public health reasons. They're doing it as a matter of control for politics. It's wrong on every level. And, look, I hope these guys get sued regularly and we can prevail in court.

"I feel for people of New York , what they're going through, but I will say this: The Republican AGs, my office included, we're going to stand up for the entire country and fight for freedom."

The largest item on Morrisey's docket is West Virginia v. EPA, which heads to the Supreme Court in February and can reshape the Biden administration's plans to address energy-sector emissions

"What you're seeing is this is a true, China-first, Russia-first, American-last strategy," Morrisey, leading the case, said. "The EPA wants to unilaterally de-carbonize our country. Remember, humans are carbon-based as well.

"And what you're seeing is quintessential federal overreach. Fortunately, we have an opportunity now. We'll be up at the high court, U.S. Supreme Court in February. We just filed our U.S. Supreme Court brief, leading 19 stakeholders – one of the biggest energy, environmental, administrative law cases out there.

"And you know what it stands for? A really simple proposition: A federal agency can't take one of these major actions, involving money, or social, political-significance, unless you've got clear delegation from Congress. That's all we're trying to make sure happens.

"That way everyone in the country, every state – California, West Virginia, Texas, New York – they get to participate in the process. You don't have these bureaucrats try to create a central energy planning authority. That's what's happening right now in D.C."

Morrisey stressed the American people should "learn about what we're doing; learn about what the Republican AGs are doing to defend America."

"What a concept," he said. "We're going to defend the Constitution and our way of life. And you know what? We are seeing success in the courts, but we've got a lot more work to do and we need a lot of Americans to pay attention to these big cases."

The Biden administration believes its energy agenda is transformative, but Morrisey concluded threatens national security.

"We're all very disappointed with this administration," he said. "It's a disaster on energy. They're looking to compromise our national security and our energy independence and, obviously, shift more resources over across the ocean. That's not right."

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