West Virginia Governor Justice to Newsmax: ‘Get Over It, Bette!’

West Virginia Governor Justice to Newsmax: 'Get Over It, Bette!'

(Newsmax/''Eric Bolling: The Balance'')

By Nick Koutsobinas | Monday, 31 January 2022 06:00 PM

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice told Newsmax that actress Bette Midler should ''get over'' the previous comments he made telling the actress to kiss his dog's rear end.

Appearing Monday on ''Eric Bolling: The Balance,'' Justice, a Republican, said that if he were to offer a final word to Midler, it would be: ''Get over it, Bette! For God's sakes, live and be happy.''

''Look at this face,'' the governor said, referring to his bulldog, Babydog. ''The great thing about Babydog is she makes us smile and she loves everybody, and that's exactly what we ought to be doing in this country, especially with this pandemic and all this going on in this world today. We ought to try to be smiling. We ought to love everyone, you know.''

According to the local news station 12 WBOY, the spat between Justice and Midler took off when the governor held up his dog's behind while giving his State of the State address and said, ''Babydog tells Bette Midler and all those out there, kiss her hiney.''

Midler later responded to the governor in a tweet, writing: ''BTW, here are the state rankings of all the areas and agencies for which the so-called 'Governor' of WVA, #JimJustice, is responsible. Judging from these rankings, I'd say his dog's ass would make a better Governor than him!''

Accompanying Midler's tweet was a chart ranking West Virginia 47th overall when averaging state rankings for infrastructure, education, healthcare and other categories.

Midler was later criticized by social media users who called for her to help or ''invest'' in West Virginia instead of attacking it.

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