White House Dismisses Concern Biden Could Get COVID From Pelosi

White House Dismisses Concern Biden Could Get COVID From Pelosi Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the White House on Tuesday. (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

By Luca Cacciatore | Friday, 08 April 2022 04:36 PM

The White House dismissed concerns that Joe Biden’s close interaction with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday, who tested positive for COVID-19 a day later, puts the president at risk of developing the virus himself.

During a Friday interview on CNN, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield told anchor John Berman that Biden was vaccinated with several boosters and has taken the necessary steps to protect himself.

"We take every precaution to ensure that we keep him safe. We keep the vice president safe, the first lady, the second gentleman, our staff here," Bedingfield said.

However, Bedingfield argued that the top House Democrat was not in close contact over the 15-minute transmission period outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"As we said yesterday, he was not in CDC-defined close contact with Speaker Pelosi, but certainly, we have seen an increase in cases. We know that the BA.2 variant is very transmissible," Bedingfield said.

Instead, the administration took a more general approach to Biden getting COVID-19, acknowledging he could develop it but focusing their attention primarily on the new variant.

"It is certainly possible that he will test positive for COVID. And he is vaccinated; he is boosted and protected from the most severe strains of the virus," she added.

"But I do think it’s important to note that it is possible he will test positive for COVID at some point. And we’re in a very different place than we were … which is to say we have vaccines, we have treatments. The president is vaccinated and double boosted so, you know, protected from severe COVID."

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