WSJ Board: ‘Sanders-Pelosi Agenda’ Proves to Be a Loser

WSJ Board: 'Sanders-Pelosi Agenda' Proves to Be a Loser WSJ Board: 'Sanders-Pelosi Agenda' Proves to Be a Loser

By Eric Mack | Wednesday, 03 November 2021 02:47 PM

Virginia voters have spoken, The Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote Wednesday morning, the Sanders-Pelosi spending agenda is a loser.

The analysis comes in an editorial headlined: "A Thumping in Virginia: Voters warn Democrats to walk away from the Sanders-Pelosi agenda."

"Glenn Youngkin's victory in the Virginia governor's race Tuesday is a political thunderclap that should warn Democrats about their ideological overreach," the board wrote. "But it may be more important as a template for how Republicans can win back the suburbs after their alienation from the GOP during the Trump presidency."

The Journal board noted the huge gains by both Youngkin and New Jersey GOP gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli, who remains in a close race with incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy that might not be settled for days.

"Off-year races for governor aren't a predictor of 2022, but they should tell Democrats that they're on a losing path," the board wrote. "President [Joe] Biden ran as a centrist who would unite the country, but he has governed by bowing to the left on nearly everything. He has pushed identity politics and radical spending programs when people care about the soaring price of gasoline. The president's approval rating has tanked, as independents and even many Democrats have grown disillusioned."

Ultimately, Democrats have to see their spending plans as a political loser, the board concluded.

"Their agenda of record social spending and higher taxes has compromised, with inflation and supply shortages, what should be a booming recovery," the editorial continued.

"The smart strategy would be to drop the Bernie Sanders agenda, settle for the Senate infrastructure bill, and recalibrate to win some bipartisan victories. The Virginia defeat gives Mr. Biden the opening he needs to finally say no to the left. It may be the only way to salvage his presidency.

"Sen. Joe Manchin and the swing-district House Democrats would do their party a favor by withdrawing support for the Sanders-Pelosi entitlement blowout."

Staunch conservatives in the Senate are trumpeting the same.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., tweeted:

"The message from last night's GOP sweep in VA and the shocker of a race NJ is crystal clear: voters don't want what the Democrats are selling. They don't want parents persecuted, they don't want critical race theory, they don't want woke liberalism."

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., tweeted:

"Democrats can't take a hint. They've insisted on adding more policies to their wasteful spending bill that would make it even worse for Americans. Let us count the ways."

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