Zogby Poll: Trump Hails 42-Point Lead on DeSantis for ’24 Primary

Zogby Poll: Trump Hails 42-Point Lead on DeSantis for '24 Primary Zogby Poll: Trump Hails 42-Point Lead on DeSantis for '24 Primary (Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 23 June 2022 03:09 PM

While a New Hampshire poll has come out showing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a virtual tie with former President Donald Trump as the top GOP primary candidate in the state for 2024, Trump has come out hailing the recent Zogby Poll results.

Trump (53.9%) held a 42.4-point lead over DeSantis (11.5%) in the latest nationwide polling by Zogby Analytics released Wednesday.

"Even though former President Donald Trump has yet to officially announce his 2024 presidential candidacy, he still dominates the GOP as a kingmaker and the most recognizable name in Republican politics," the pollster wrote in the analysis.

"With Trump in the race for the GOP nomination, he receives a majority (54%) of votes from Republican primary voters, which is four to one more than the next most popular candidate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (12%), with former Vice President Mike Pence nipping at DeSantis' heels with 10%."

The Zogby added, "Trump dominated all sub-groups, whether it was age, region, income, gender, education and where voters lived."

Broken down by age groups, Trump was the clear leader with:

  • 18-24 (43%).
  • 18-29 (38%).
  • 30-49 (59%).
  • 50-64 (60%).
  • 65+ (48%).

Broken down by region, Trump received:

  • East (55%).
  • South (58%).
  • Central/Great Lakes (50%).
  • West (50%).

By gender, Trump won:

  • Men (53%).
  • Women (54%).

"It is safe to say that if Donald Trump decides to run and is not put in shackles, which is highly unlikely, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee in 2024," the Zogby Analytics review of the poll concluded. "A Trump vs. Biden repeat is likely in 2024, which will divide a fractious country even more."

The poll also polled voters with Trump out of the equation, and the results had DeSantis (26.9%) in a virtual tie (within the margin of error) with former Vice President Mike Pence (22.7%).

"Here's where things get interesting!" the pollster wrote. "With Trump out of the race, it becomes a dog fight between the two conservatives — former Vice President Mike Pence (23%) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (27%). Sen. Ted Cruz is the only other candidate to receive double digit support with 12%. No other candidate polled within the margin of error, except for 'someone else,' while 15% of Republican primary were not sure."

The Zogby Analytics' online poll surveyed 408 likely Republican voters May 23-24. The poll had a margin of error of 4.9 percentage points.

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