Ariz. GOP Chair to Newsmax: Masters Still Has a Shot Despite ‘Inept’ Maricopa County

Ariz. GOP Chair to Newsmax: Masters Still Has a Shot Despite 'Inept' Maricopa County kelli ward gestures while speaking Dr. Kelli Ward (AP)

By Nicole Wells | Friday, 11 November 2022 11:14 AM EST

Dr. Kelli Ward, chair of the Republican Party of Arizona, told Newsmax Friday that GOP Senate hopeful Blake Masters still has “a pathway to victory,” despite the “interesting work style” of Maricopa County.

“Maricopa County has been just completely inept,” Ward said during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “The incompetence is beyond belief. We saw Florida count 22 million votes and we are just barely getting to 2 million, and they just can't get it done.”

“There's over 500,000 votes still out there and we're hoping for a drop,” she continued. “They're only doing one drop of the results per day out of Maricopa County. I do appreciate their working on Veterans Day. I thank our veterans for what they did to keep our country great — I'm not quite as optimistic about Maricopa County.”

She added that Masters has a “pathway to victory,” and that it “just depends on how the 290,000 votes that were dropped off on Election Day in Maricopa County turn out.”

“When you look at those with President [Donald] Trump, he had a decrease of those votes of about 11% compared to people who voted on Election Day,” Ward said. “We are projecting that that is going to be much less in Maricopa County. We think that a lot of those votes are ours, so I think we're going to see him [Masters] squeak out the victory.”

Ward also said that two Grand Canyon State counties in particular are being unhelpful when it comes to determining results.

“Maricopa County and Pima County have been playing games,” she said. “They've been releasing the Democrat drops and they've been holding back Republican drops, I think just to play around with the news cycle and to make people doubt.”

When asked when she expects results, Ward explained that there is a deadline for when the vote needs to be counted by.

“They, by law, are able to have five business days after the election to count all of these ballots,” she said. “We've got to get rid of that in the legislative session. Now they're saying Monday, but maybe Tuesday.”


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