Brian Andersson Exposes Pelosi Cover-Up, Chris Cuomo Fall

Brian Andersson Exposes Pelosi Cover-Up, Chris Cuomo Fall Brian Andersson (Newsmax)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 01 November 2022 12:30 PM EDT

The mainstream media is creating the narrative that David DePape, the man accused of beating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul Pelosi with a hammer, is an "ultra-MAGA person" to drum up claims a week before the election that supporters of former President Donald Trump are violent people who are committing criminal acts across the country, former New York City Commissioner of Records Brian Andersson tells Newsmax.

"As far as I know, the only person to die on Jan. 6 was an unarmed protester killed by Capitol Police," Andersson said in an interview Monday on Newsmax's "The Chris Salcedo Show." "If you're looking for responsibility from the mainstream media, hold your breath."

DePape, who lives in California, was charged Monday with attempted murder and attempted kidnapping of a public official after the assault early Friday, which has been described by a lead prosecutor as being "politically motivated."

The Department of Justice said in a court filing that DePape allegedly broke into the Pelosis' San Fransisco mansion intending to tie up the House speaker and break her kneecaps with a hammer if she didn't confess to Democrat "lies." He instead only found her husband, who is hospitalized after he was hit in the head with a hammer.

However, Andersson agreed with show host Chris Salcedo that the news coming out about the attack "doesn't match the left-wing narrative."

"This was totally the media spin," Andersson said. "San Francisco is one of the most crime-ridden cities. Homelessness is out of control. The liberal policies are failing its residents."

A former girlfriend of DePape's said in an interview that he suffers from mental illness and that he's been a progressive, "but nobody in the biased press wants to pay attention to what she has to say," said Salcedo.

"Crime is so out of control," Andersson responded. "Even liberal residents in San Francisco joined in and just recalled the woke district attorney. Even they realize they've created a cesspool."

The statements made by DePape's ex-girlfriend means "we find out he's not a MAGA person or an ultra-MAGA person," Andersson said. "He's a radical leftist who's a known nudist activist. He walks around naked in San Francisco and now we know he's in the U.S. illegally. None of that says MAGA to me. He is in the U.S. illegally. None of that says MAGA to me. His political beliefs seem to be all over the map, like the woman said. He's mentally ill."

Andersson also discussed the news that former CNN star Chris Cuomo, who is now working for NewsNation, says he wants his time slot changed to a different period because Newsmax is beating him in the ratings.

"NewsNation came out of the old WGN America," said Andersson. "They hired liberal hosts like Cuomo and Dan Abrams and Ashleigh Banfield, both from MSNBC, and now they are a very liberal network and their ratings are low."

Newsmax, he added, has "10 times their ratings … I think the lesson is that NewsNation's liberalism just doesn't sell to the public. But Newsmax is rising and we're giving people the truth."


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