GOP’s Diehl to Newsmax: Day 1 Agenda Includes Parental Bill of Rights

GOP's Diehl to Newsmax: Day 1 Gov Agenda Includes Parental Bill of Rights (Newsmax/"American Agenda")

By Jay Clemons | Friday, 04 November 2022 04:46 PM EDT

Massachusetts might bear the look of a politically liberal, or "blue" state, but Geoff Diehl — the current Republican gubernatorial candidate — also likes to remind the public that a Republican has occupied the governor's office for 24 of the last 32 years.

"You need a challenge to the left-leaning [state] Legislature," Diehl told Newsmax Friday afternoon, while paired with his running mate (lieutenant governor candidate Leah Cole Allen) and appearing on "American Agenda" with hosts Bob Sellers and Katrina Szish.

Various media polls list Diehl as an underdog in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race. But he's not putting much stock into the surveys.

For example, the Democratic Party recently sent Vice President Kamala Harris to campaign on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Maura Healey, and Diehl characterized the event crowd in Boston as "pathetic."

"There's a huge energy gap for Republicans right now," said Diehl, while adding that Healey — currently the state's attorney general — has caused "economic stress" to Massachusetts residents over the last 20-plus months, due to the implementation of President Joe Biden's policies.

"We feel really good" about our chances of pulling the upset on Tuesday, says Diehl.

If Diehl prevails this week, he already has a two-step plan for his Day 1 agenda.

Step 1: Rehire every state worker that was fired for not submitting to the vaccine mandate.

"It was wrong to fire them," lamented Diehl.

Step 2: Establish a "parental bill of rights" for Massachusetts families.

The crux of the legislation: If public-school parents aren't satisfied with their kids' curriculum, Diehl says "they can take the state tax dollars and either use it for private schools or even homeschooling. That's one thing we must do: We need to bring competition to the education marketplace."

Reading and math scores are way down in Massachusetts, compared to pre-pandemic numbers; and Diehl believes that everything would change for the better, if he's elected governor.

"We're going to give the parents a much stronger voice for their kids' education," says Diehl, who has secured the personal endorsement of former President Donald Trump.


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