Sen. Cruz: Hunter Biden Probe a ‘Prelude’ for Indicting Trump

Sen. Cruz: Hunter Biden Probe a 'Prelude' for Indicting Trump (Newsmax)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 30 October 2022 02:58 PM EDT

The Department of Justice's leaks about investigating Hunter Biden for drug and tax offenses, and the potential for him facing criminal charges are a "prelude" to President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland doing what they want to do, indicting former President Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday.

"They want to say, 'look how even-handed we are,'" the Texas Republican said on Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo." "That is politics, not law enforcement."

In the last month, Biden's DOJ leaked that it planned to indict the president's son, Hunter, and those leaks are troubling, as the department should not be leaking anything, and the substance of what was leaked means little, the senator said.

"By any measure, Hunter Biden is a deeply troubled soul, a soul who has struggled with addiction all his life," said Cruz. "What is concerning about their focus on the drug and tax issues is that it is very carefully walling off why this is a matter of public concern. If Hunter Biden was just a regular guy who struggled with addiction, it wouldn't be a matter of public interest."

What makes an investigation into Hunter Biden a matter of national concern, said Cruz, is that there is "significant and overwhelming evidence" that he was "actively involved in official corruption with his father, Joe Biden."

That involved the Ukraine natural gas company Burisma that paid Hunter $83,000 a month "when he spoke no Ukrainian, knew nothing about oil and gas and his father was actively doing favors on behalf of the oligarch who was paying Hunter Biden," said Cruz.

Then there is the matter of China, where Hunter and his family made more than $5 million, "including 10% for the 'big guy,' Joe Biden," said Cruz. " The Biden DOJ is saying, oh, this is a drug matter, don't pay attention to the big guy, don't pay attention to the corruption, just make it one poor person struggling with addiction. That's highly concerning."

Cruz also discussed his new book, "Justice Interrupted: How the Left Weaponized our Legal System," in which he describes how former President Barack Obama began using the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and the CIA to attack political enemies, and how that action is continuing.

"When Trump became president, those hard-core partisans burrowed into senior career positions at those agencies, and they waged war against him both personally and against his administration, and now under Joe Biden, they are out in the open," said Cruz. "This is the most political and the most corrupt Department of Justice we've ever seen. We see the FBI storming President Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago. That's never happened in the history of our nation."

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