Ye Returns to Twitter With ‘Shalom’

Ye Returns to Twitter With 'Shalom' (Newsmax)

By Michael Katz | Monday, 21 November 2022 07:07 PM EST

Kanye West returned to Twitter on Sunday night with his first post in more than two weeks, tweeting “Shalom,” a Hebrew salutation that also means “peace.”

In early October, the rapper known as Ye’s Twitter account was restricted after a series of antisemitic rants. Restricted accounts cannot post or interact on Twitter. Suspended accounts are removed.

Ye also was banned from Instagram and lost profitable fashion deals with Adidas, Gap, Balenciaga and Vogue.

Ye on Sunday afternoon issued his first tweet to his 32.2 million followers since Nov. 4, writing “Testing. Testing. Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked.”

Twitter owner Elon Musk, who said Ye’s account was reinstated before he bought the company on Oct. 27, responded, “Don’t kill what ye hate. Save what ye love.”

On Sunday night, Ye tweeted “Shalom” followed by the icon for a smiley face.

In a video published Sunday by celebrity news site X17, Ye said he plans to sell hoodies from Yeezy, Gap, Adidas and Balenciaga for $20 each.

“I'll cut up 100 hoodies from Yeezy, from Balenciaga, from the stuff we did at Gap from the stuff we did at Adidas, and everything we do is going to cost $20. We need to make sure that everyone can receive the same level of cuts, the same level of food, the same level of water, the same level of education, the curriculum, the engineering,” Ye said. “We are beings with engineering opportunities. We’re getting past the past and focused on the future.”

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