Giuliani Outlines 17 Witnesses for Law Suspension Appeal in D.C.

Giuliani Outlines 17 Witnesses for Law Suspension Appeal in D.C.

(Newsmax/"Greg Kelly Reports")

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 15 October 2022 10:13 AM EDT

Rudy Giuliani, facing a legal ethics case in Washington, D.C., submitted his witness list of people offering evidence the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

The 17-witness list includes prominent lawyers and conservatives who backed former President Donald Trump's challenge to the past presidential election, particularly in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Giuliani's case with the D.C. Court of Appeals addresses his temporary suspension as a member of the D.C. legal bar.

The court filing stated what Giuliani believes witness testimony will be in a bullet format:

  1. "Giuliani will testify that he had a reasonable basis to make the arguments that he made on behalf of his client then President Trump in the Pennsylvania litigation."
  2. Lawyer Christina Bobb, who was a media reporter at the time, will testify "she
    spoke to people who witnessed voting irregularities and allegations of fraud."
  3. Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi will testify she "witnessed in Philadelphia the exclusion of Republican inspectors and poll watchers including herself from inspecting any ballots."
  4. Lawyer Katherine Friess, a GOP poll inspector, will testify GOP inspectors and poll watchers were blocked in Pittsburgh and "watchers and conveyed to Respondent numerous allegations of fraud."
  5. Lawyer Julie Levin, who assembled the legal team, will testify the pressures on prospective lawyers for the team not to assist in the legal challenges of the election.
  6. Col. Phil Waldron will testify on the methods used to investigate voting irregularities and illegalities.
  7. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai will testify on statistical analysis of voting results.
  8. Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, will testify "he witnessed the exclusion of Republican
    inspectors and poll watchers including himself from inspecting any ballots" in Philadelphia.
  9. Peter Navarro, former White House trade adviser, will testify on analysis of voting irregularities and illegalities.
  10. Russell Ramsland will testify on statistical analyses of voting records.
  11. Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, then a GOP state senator, will testify on "evidence of voting irregularities and alleged illegalities," having arranged and presided over a hearing in Gettysburg.
  12. Michael Roman, the chief investigator in Pennsylvania, will testify he instructed Giuliani on "incidents of voter irregularities and allegations of fraud."
  13. Joann Miller will testify that she assisted Navarro in his analysis and reporting findings to Giuliani.
  14. John Droz, Jr. will testify about his reports of "irregularities and improprieties in the Pennsylvania election" as briefed to Giuliani before Pennsylvania litigation.
  15. Lawyer Jenna Ellis will testify on being the No. 2 lawyer on the Pennsylvania litigation team.
  16. Lawyer Jeremy Mercer will testify he "was in charge of numerous Republican inspectors and poll watchers who were excluded from inspecting ballots."
  17. Former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik will testify he was one of the chief investigators into voting irregularities and fraud allegations in Pennsylvania.

Giuliani has argued on Newsmax that the move to suspend his license to practice law is a politically motivated attack. Also, he has contrasted his treatment for seeking court remedies amid the election challenge with the lack of an ethics inquiry into New York Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned on getting Trump and vowing to sue him if she reached office. She did, and she has, as promised.

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