Dick Morris to Newsmax: ‘Looking Very Good’ For GOP in Midterms

Dick Morris to Newsmax: 'Looking Very Good' For GOP in Midterms

By Charles Kim | Friday, 14 October 2022 10:43 PM EDT

Political commentator and author Dick Morris told Newsmax Friday that he thinks things "look very good" for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections.

"You can't make these final predictions, but I would say it's looking very good [for Republicans] right now," Morris, a former adviser to former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, said during "Prime News" Friday. "I'm very happy."

Saying there are "teasing indications" Republicans will do very well during next month's midterm elections, Morris cautioned that public polling still giving Democrats a slight edge in some key races does not consider a potential four- to five-percentage-point bias for the left.

"There are teasing indications of a massive Republican sweep," Morris said. "On the other hand, when you look at the published polls in those four key [Senate] races — J.D. Vance [in Ohio], Blake Masters [in Arizona], Dr. [Mehmet] Oz [in Pennsylvania] and Herschel Walker [in Georgia] — you see tight races, sometimes a Democratic edge. But those are the published polls, and the I believe that it's very possible that those polls are basically wrong."

Morris said that many of the polls today are conducted through computers, which are used more by younger and mostly left-leaning individuals, compared to landline telephone surveys, which reach more conservatives.

"The Public Nationalist Association of Survey Research Professionals — I talked about in my book — study of the 2020 election found the average poll had a five-point Democratic bias, and that's not necessarily because they're liberal," said Morris, author of "The Return: Trump's Big 2024 Comeback." "It's because they conduct the polls online, and the people who are online most of the time and really live on the computer tend to be younger and more liberal and more Democrat."

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Morris also said that it was interesting that President Joe Biden visited Oregon to campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate there.

According to Ballotpedia, Democrat Tina Kotek is facing leading competitors Republican Christine Drazan and Independent Betsy Johnson in the race to replace Democratic incumbent Gov. Kate Brown, who cannot run again because of term limits in that state.

The unusual nature of a trio running brings about the possibility that the winner may have less that 41% of the vote, according to Ballotpedia.

"I think that that's very significant that the Democrats feel the Oregon race is close enough to send the president out there," he said. "There's also a congressional race in Rhode Island with the Republican likely to win in probably the single most Democratic state in the country."


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