Trump says actions by the FBI are an assault on a political opponent, could only happen in ‘third world’

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TOPSHOT - US President Donald Trump leaves after a Hispanic Heritage Month event in the East Room of the White House October 6, 2017 in Washington, DC. - President Trump invited over 200 Hispanic business, community, and faith leaders, and guests from across the country to join in the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

TOPSHOT – US President Donald Trump leaves an event in the East Room of the White House October 6, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

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Updated 1:20 PM PT – Monday, August 15, 2022

Former President Donald Trump discovered a number of items are missing from his Florida home after the infamous FBI raid. In a Truth Social post Monday, he said the FBI apparently took three of his passports among many other things.

Trump added, one of those travel documents was expired, but the bureau took it anyway. A confiscation of passports and other travel documents could mean the individual in question may not be able to travel abroad. Trump said the FBI’s actions amount to unprecedented assault on a political opponent, making America a “third world” country.

Meanwhile, the Senate Intelligence Committee is seeking detailed information concerning the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Committee chairman Mark Warner (D-Va.) and ranking member Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) fired off a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes Sunday in a bipartisan request for details on the search.

According to a statement by Rubio, the committee has asked the Department of Justice to share “specific intelligence documents” retrieved from Mar-a-Lago on a classified basis. A spokesperson for the committee confirmed the request, saying the handling of classified information falls under the panel’s purview over counterintelligence measures.

“America has never suffered this kind of ABUSE in Law Enforcement! For the FBI to RAID the home of the 45 President of the United States, or any President for that matter, is totally unheard of and unthinkable. This Break In was a sneak attack on democracy (our Republic!), and was both unannounced and done at a time when the President was not even present. It was for political, not legal reasons, and our entire Country is angry, hurt, and greatly embarrassed by it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

— Donald Trump via Truth Social

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Fla. Gov. DeSantis condemns Mar-a-Lago raid

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MIAMI, FLORIDA - JULY 13: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis takes part in a roundtable discussion about the uprising in Cuba at the American Museum of the Cuba Diaspora on July 13, 2021 in Miami, Florida. Thousands of people took to the streets in Cuba on Sunday to protest against the government. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

MIAMI, FLORIDA – JULY 13: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis takes part in a roundtable discussion about the uprising in Cuba at the American Museum of the Cuba Diaspora on July 13, 2021 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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Updated 2:05 PM PT – Monday, August 15, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis condemned the FBI for its raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. On Sunday, DeSantis argued that the FBI enforces laws based on who they like and who they don’t like.

The governor decried the disparity in the Biden administration’s scrutiny of school parents compared to its lax treatment of liberal protesters targeting Supreme Court justices.

“I remember the FBI at Merrick Garland’s direction being sicced on parents going to school board meetings,” he noted. “Meanwhile, when you have a law that protects Supreme Court justices is the FBI out there protecting our conservative justices? No.”

DeSantis went on to say that if Republicans take the control of Congress in the midterms, he hopes they will bring accountability to a bureaucracy that’s “totally off the rails.”

MORE NEWS: Trump Says Actions By The FBI Are An Assault On A Political Opponent, Could Only Happen In ‘Third World’

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Rep. Tom Emmer: GOP Midterm Ad Campaign Will Show ‘No Mercy’ to Dems

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Rep. Tom Emmer: GOP Midterm Ad Campaign Will Show 'No Mercy' to Dems Tom Emmer Rep Tom Emmer, R-Minn. (Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

By Nicole Wells | Monday, 15 August 2022 05:41 PM EDT

With the congressional midterm elections fast approaching, House Republicans are preparing to launch a punishing $180 million ad campaign, Breitbart reports.

"There will be no mercy for every single Democrat who voted to send 87,000 IRS agents after the working class, raise their taxes, and give handouts to their wealthy donors," National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., told the news outlet Monday. "They will regret this vote when their constituents send them packing in November."

Between the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), which is the Republican House leadership's main super PAC, and the NRCC, the GOP will have nearly $180 million in ad buys blanketing the country this fall, sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart.

The massive ad buy is expected to expand as Republicans pick up steam heading into the midterms, the sources added.

The ads will begin rolling out at the end of August and will target vulnerable Democrats from Labor Day to Election Day.

Breitbart reports that the ads will focus on the Democrats' decision to vote for the "Inflation Reduction Act" — a $750 billion health care, tax and climate bill which the Congressional Budget Office has said will not reduce inflation but which will raise taxes and enable the IRS to hire 87,000 more agents.

At-risk Democrats who are vulnerable to the Republicans' ad campaign include Rep. Tom O'Halleran, D-Ariz., Jared Golden, D-Maine, Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, Matt Cartwright, D-Pa., and Cindy Axne, D-Iowa. Former President Donald Trump won each of their districts in 2020, according to Breitbart.

For Republicans to gain a majority in the House, they need to win just a handful of seats. The advertising blitz will hammer at-risk Democrats the most, according to Breitbart, but it will also venture far into deep blue areas, including districts that President Joe Biden won in 2020.

Citing a memo written by senior White House officials, CNN reports that the Biden administration is hoping to capitalize on a recent spate of policy achievements and build momentum for Democrats ahead of the midterms.

Members of the president's Cabinet will travel to 23 states this month to promote the recently passed "Inflation Reduction Act," according to the memo from deputy chief of staff Jen O'Malley Dillon and senior Biden adviser Anita Dunn to White House chief of staff Ron Klain.

In early September, Biden is expected to host an event at the White House celebrating the legislation, which he will likely sign into law this week, and will also travel to promote it.

According to CNN, the bill is the largest climate investment in the nation's history and would make major changes to health care policy by giving Medicare the authority to negotiate the prices of certain prescription drugs and by extending expiring health care subsidies for three years.

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Defiant White House: Withdrawal From Afghanistan Justified

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Defiant White House: Withdrawal From Afghanistan Justified a taliban fighter revels A Taliban fighter revels in Panjshir Province after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan on Aug. 15, 2021. (Alfred Yaghobzadeh/Sipa via AP Images)

By Jay Clemons | Monday, 15 August 2022 04:33 PM EDT

The White House took exception with a House Republican report criticizing the United States military withdrawal from Afghanistan last year, claiming the Biden administration's actions were justified at the time.

White House officials will soon circulate a memo on behalf of President Joe Biden, arguing his moves to leave Afghanistan ultimately strengthened national security and bolstered America's penchant for defusing terrorism threats abroad.

Also, the memo reportedly has the Biden administration blaming former President Donald Trump's previous agreement with the Taliban, saying that deal "weakened our partners in the Afghan government."

Finally, Biden officials dismissed the report findings — led by Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, the ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee — as "partisan" and "riddled" with inaccuracies.

"When President Biden took office, he was faced with a choice: ramp up the war and put even more American troops at risk, or finally end the United States' longest war after two decades of American presidents sending U.S. troops to fight and die in Afghanistan and $2 trillion spent," White House National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson wrote in the memo, according to Axios.

The memo continued: "The President refused to send another generation of Americans to fight a war that should have ended long ago — and we fundamentally disagree with those who advocated for miring the United States' fighting men and women in an indefinite war with no exit strategy."

Monday marks the one-year anniversary of the Taliban initially taking control of Afghanistan. This intervention led to President Biden ordering the U.S. military to vacate.

At the time of the exodus, White House officials speculated that approximately 100 Americans remained in Afghanistan.

However, new estimates from over the weekend pin the number of U.S. citizens left behind in the 800-900 range.

Shortly before the full withdrawal, an explosion at the Kabul airport resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers in Afghanistan's capital city.

The Republican McCaul's report will likely be released this week.

Early previews suggest the report provides a detailed look at the chaos in Afghanistan last August, including the Biden administration's apparent inability to anticipate the problems that would occur in the country — especially after speculation began to mount of the Taliban seeking control of Kabul.

"There [was] a disconnect between the intelligence on the ground and what the White House is doing," McCaul said on CBS's "Face The Nation" Sunday morning.

In the McCaul report, Republicans also acknowledge their intention to subpoena officials and documents the State Department has apparently blocked involving the Afghanistan withdrawal — if the GOP seizes control of the House chamber after the November midterms.

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Trump Says FBI ‘Stole’ His Passports, Predicts Raid Backlash Will Help GOP at Polls

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Trump Says FBI 'Stole' His Passports, Predicts Raid Backlash Will Help GOP at Polls Donald Trump Former President Donald Trump. (Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Monday, 15 August 2022 04:28 PM EDT

The FBI seized former President Donald Trump's passports in last week's raid of Mar-a-Lago, which Trump says will ultimately help the Republican Party in November's midterm elections.

"Wow! In the raid by the FBI of Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three passports (one expired), along with everything else," Trump wrote in a Truth Social statement Monday. "This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our country. Third world!"

Trump's post came minutes after he predicted the FBI raid of his private residence has boosted Republicans in the midterm primary polls and will ultimately help the GOP retake the majority in the House and Senate this November.

"Republicans could win many additional seats, both in the House & Senate, because of the strong backlash over the raid at Mat-a-Lago," Trump wrote on Truth Social. "Polls are showing that some lost Republican territory over the last number of weeks has been more than made up with the unannounced break in by the FBI, which should never have happened!"

Trump also noted hearing "great simmering anger" among Americans outraged at the potential politicization of the Justice Department and the FBI against the White House's political opposition.

"Just left a large gathering of people and all they could talk about was the complete and total stranglehold that the Radical Left Democrats have over the DOJ & FBI," Trump wrote Sunday on Truth Social. "It shouldn't be that way.

"Nobody goes after BLM, ANTIFA, or the rest, despite murder, beatings, and burning down large sections of cities, a very unfair double standard. They definitely won't attack the home of a former Democrat President, nor should they. It is all so out of control, great simmering anger!"

Trump has long maintained the pursuit of him would ultimately stop if he announced he was not running for president again, calling it all a "sneak attack on democracy."

"America has never suffered this kind of abuse in law enforcement!" Trump wrote on Truth Social. "For the FBI to raid the home of the 45 president of the United States, or any president for that matter, is totally unheard of and unthinkable.

"This break in was a sneak attack on democracy (our republic!), and was both unannounced and done at a time when the president was not even present. It was for political, not legal reasons, and our entire country is angry, hurt, and greatly embarrassed by it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

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Republicans Press FBI Director on Vacation Use of Govt Jet

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Republicans Press FBI Director on Vacation Use of Govt Jet fbi director christopher wray speaks at a hearing FBI Director Christoper Wray (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

By Jay Clemons | Monday, 15 August 2022 03:28 PM EDT

Reps. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y.; James Comer, R-Ky.; and Mike Turner, R-Ohio, are demanding answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray's recent vacation, specifically allegations of the agency director using a government plane for personal travel.

In their Monday letter to Wray, Turner, Comer, and Stefanik said: "In light of a recent report by the New York Post that you left a Senate hearing early to fly on an FBI aircraft for a personal vacation, we have questions about whether you are properly reimbursing federal taxpayers for your personal travel aboard government aircraft.

"According to the Post, on August 4, 2022, you abruptly departed a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing to engage in personal travel to your vacation home in Saranac Lake, New York. Despite requests from Ranking Member [Sen. Chuck] Grassley, you refused to remain at the hearing for an additional 21 minutes for remaining members to finish asking their questions and conduct oversight of the FBI," the lawmakers wrote.

The letter continued: "You reportedly departed on the FBI's Gulfstream 550 jet, an agency aircraft initially intended for counterterrorism use, to make the one hour and 12-minute journey to Saranac Lake. Further, it has been reported that you made a similar personal trip on a government aircraft on June 2 and June 5, 2022.

"Although certain federal officials are permitted to use government aircraft for personal or political use, these expenses must be reimbursed."

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), in general terms, the FBI director must make reimbursement payments for personal travel to the FBI's Finance Division, which then transfers the recouped funds to the Treasury Department.

The Aug. 7 Senate hearing with Wray covered an array of subjects, according to the New York Post: The FBI's handling of the Larry Nassar/abused gymnasts case, the investigation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh before his Senate confirmation, the United States' military withdrawal from Afghanistan last year (which prompted a country takeover from the Taliban), properly vetting migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, concealed-carry permit laws in Missouri, the alleged "blacklisting" of patriotic American symbols from decades past, and Hunter Biden and his now-infamous laptop (reportedly in the FBI's possession).

Wray's Aug. 4 hearing with the Senate commission came four days before the FBI raided former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida — a 9½-hour search in which agents reportedly seized boxes of Trump presidential documents.

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Eric Schmitt to Newsmax: GOP Must Take ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Administrative State

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Eric Schmitt to Newsmax: GOP Must Take 'Wrecking Ball' to Administrative State (Newsmax/"John Bachman Now")

By Jay Clemons | Monday, 15 August 2022 02:59 PM EDT

The House committee hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021 unrest at the Capitol, and the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort were largely designed with the same purpose in mind, says Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

Create a "sideshow" environment to distract from the White House's problems with inflation, the economy, the chaos at the United States-Mexico border, or how government agencies are now being "weaponized" for targeting conservatives — from Trump to every-day American citizens, says Schmitt.

"We need to take a wrecking ball to the administrative state," Schmitt told Newsmax Monday afternoon, while appearing on "John Bachman Now" with hosts John Bachman and Bianca de la Garza. "This stuff is out of control. [The American] people see it, and they know what's going on. … Every American ought to be very concerned about this kind of weaponization of federal law enforcement."

Regarding the raid on Trump's Florida home, Schmitt says the DOJ and FBI should feel obliged to share the affidavit which allegedly accompanied the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago (signed by magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart).

However, to date, every action on the FBI and DOJ's part has had the appearance of being politically slanted against Republicans, says Schmitt.

"[The Trump search] was a pre-dawn raid, looked very political. This is third-world, banana-republic kind of stuff," said Schmitt, before adding, "this is the United States of America, we're supposed to be a country of laws."

If the Republicans take over the House and Senate in the November midterms, Schmitt — the Republican nominee in the Missouri Senate general election — promises more oversight hearings with Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI director Christopher Wray, and White House COVID-19 chief Dr. Anthony Fauci, among others.

"People know they're being fed a bunch of lies," regarding the FBI, DOJ, border security, and coronavirus matters, says Schmitt. And the only way to bring real change is for "Republicans to have the gavel" of authority come January.

As Missouri's attorney general, Schmitt has already prevailed in contentious battles with the Biden administration over the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's vaccine mandate, and also the Title 42 health order at the U.S-Mexico border.

However, Schmitt believes the most important fights will likely occur in two of the next three Novembers, as Republican officials work to take back the country electorally and return it to the masses.

"I was glad to get President Trump's endorsement," says Schmitt, who won the Missouri GOP Senate primary by nearly 155,000 votes. "And we're going to take that momentum into the general" election on Nov. 8.


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Kelly Tshibaka: Alaskans want change

GettyImages 1407758283 373x210 1

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - JULY 09: U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka greets the crowd during a "Save America" rally at Alaska Airlines Center on July 09, 2022 in Anchorage, Alaska. Former President Donald Trump held a "Save America" rally in Anchorage where he campaigned with U.S. House candidate former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – JULY 09: U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka greets the crowd during a “Save America” rally at Alaska Airlines Center on July 09, 2022 in Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

OAN Newsroom
Updated 11:00 AM PT – Monday, August 15, 2022

During an interview with Breitbart News on Saturday, Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka asserted that it’s time to unseat incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Alaskans cannot trust her.

The Trump-endorsed candidate argued that Murkowski flip-flops by saying one thing in Alaska and then often does the exact opposite when she goes to Washington, D.C.

“She ran ads just a couple months ago saying that she was a fierce defender of the Second Amendment while she was colluding with the Democrats and Joe Biden to vote for gun control and our gun rights,” said Tshibaka. “This is the thing that cost her (Murkowski) her NRA endorsement. So now she’s dropped in her rating with them and I have the NRA’s highest rating. We are very much pro Second Amendment and against those red flag laws she voted for.”

The Republican added that pro-choice voters can’t trust their current senator either. Murkowski voted against efforts to codify Roe v. Wade, even though she claimed she supports abortion rights.

“She was the one who introduced the bill for late term abortions, and she’s consistently voted to fund national abortion providers with tax payers’ money. This is the kind of thing she does all the time,” claimed Tshibaka. “This is why everyone across this state is saying that it’s time for change. We can’t trust her.”

This comes a few days after Project Veritas exposed Murkowski by releasing footage of her campaign staffers saying the senator secretly supports Alaska Ballot Measure 2.

To voters, the video was depicted as an initiative to change several of the state’s election policies, including to get “dark money” out of campaigns.

Murkowski echoed that the measure required gathered signatures across the state, but sidestepped when being asked about staffers who said they were strategic when creating the measure to ensure her re-election.

MORE NEWS: Feud Between Texas Gov. Abbott And NYC Mayor Adams Intensifies

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Rep. Biggs to Newsmax: FBI Crossed ‘Rubicon’ With Trump Raid

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Rep. Biggs to Newsmax: FBI Crossed 'Rubicon' With Trump Raid (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 15 August 2022 01:48 PM EDT

By raiding former President Donald Trump's Florida home, the FBI crossed "the rubicon" by going "too far without authority," Rep. Andy Biggs said on Newsmax on Monday.

"This is a longstanding pattern of the police state apparatus beginning with forged and falsified affidavits to get a FISA warrant on campaign workers in Trump's original campaign in 2016 and the additional manipulation of records and data for the two impeachments," Biggs, an Arizona Republican, said on Newsmax's "National Report." "You have the Mueller report that came out and debunked the entire Russia hoax theory and all of this was using the police apparatus."

And now, with the Mar-a-Lago raid, the FBI has gone so far that it and the Department of Justice "have no longer got the trust of the American people," Biggs said.

However, he disagrees that speaking out against the FBI should lead Americans to be making threats of violence toward the agency, or that his criticism should be taken as a call to do so.

"That's not what you should be doing, but the First Amendment allows us to provide critique, especially for political purposes, and I am politically speaking out saying, 'Look, the FBI has lost the trust of the American people, and it's lost it because of its abuse of the American people,'" Biggs said. "That doesn't mean we take arms to the street or threaten police or the FBI."

It means, he continued, that Congress must oversee the FBI and take action to hold those who "continue to perpetuate these falsities and this abuse of American people accountable," but that doesn't mean violence.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are calling for the affidavit used in the warrant to search Trump's home to be unsealed, but Biggs said that may not be enough to ease concerns.

"Don't forget we have seen affidavits fudged, and we had one FBI agent be criminally prosecuted for fudging a FISA warrant application, so these affidavits in and of themselves aren't going to solve much," he said.

Biggs on Monday also spoke out against last week's passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, telling Newsmax that Biden is speaking out against "special interest groups" that oppose the bill at the same time that the legislation is "laden with special interest money, literally hundreds of billions of dollars going to the Green New Deal."

"What he's forgetting is that he's raising taxes on lower- and middle-income people who will especially bear the brunt of that through the tax increase that he's engaged in," said Biggs. "So he's put in recessionary regulations with the Green New Deal and with the text that's going to add to the recession. At the same time, all of that spending is going to actually exacerbate and fuel additional inflation."

Further, the bill doubles the size of the IRS, which will "go after and tip over every American business and individual, shake them by the legs to see if they can get any dimes and quarters and nickels out of their pockets to pay for some of this bloated deficit and debt," said Biggs.


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Giuliani Is Target of Georgia Criminal Probe of Election Interference

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Giuliani Is Target of Georgia Criminal Probe of Election Interference Giuliani Is Target of Georgia Criminal Probe of Election Interference

Monday, 15 August 2022 01:23 PM EDT

Rudy Giuliani, who was President Donald Trump's personal lawyer during his fight to hold onto office after the 2020 election, has been told he is a target of Georgia's criminal investigation of interference in that election, The New York Times reported Monday.

The former New York City mayor's lawyer Robert Costello revealed to the newspaper during an interview that he had been informed that Giuliani was a target.

Giuliani was slated to appear before a grand jury in Atlanta on Monday.

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Federal Govt. adding 87K IRS agents to payroll


(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Stefan Mychajliw, OAN Guest Commentator
Updated 7:35 AM PT – Monday, August 15, 2022

The population of Sioux City, Iowa is 85,617.

Jordan-Hare Stadium, home of the Auburn Tigers, seats 87,451.

Eighty-seven-thousand is the same number of IRS agents Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi just added to the federal government payroll.

Ronald Reagan said the most fearful nine words in the English language are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

We live in scary times.

FBI agents raided President Trump’s home.

Now, the IRS is adding 87,000 agents, claiming they’re needed to process claims.

Right. They’re here to help.

Big government exists to extract money from your pocket. If they run out of cash, they print more, regardless of out of control inflation.

Why aren’t politicians hiring that many border patrol agents to stop illegal immigrants from coming to America? These additional IRS agents still surpass the 64,272 total employees in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The fentanyl crisis plaguing every corner of our country is the direct result of drug dealers crossing illegally, killing Americans.

Almost 92,000 people die from overdoses in America every year. Yet instead of hiring 87,000 Border Patrol agents to stop the flow of fentanyl at the border, they added that many IRS agents.

If the Feds have no fear of raiding President Trump, don’t think for one second that you’re not next. I’ll let you know if I’m audited next year for writing this. At least they’ll have more bureaucrats to process my audit faster.

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Hageman pulling ahead of Rep. Cheney in Wyo. congressional race


Wyoming Republican Harriet Hageman, seen here during a 2018 gubernatorial debate, is looking to unseat GOP Rep. Liz Cheney. Josh Galemore/Casper Star-Tribune/via Associated Press

Wyoming Republican Harriet Hageman, seen here during a 2018 gubernatorial debate, is looking to unseat GOP Rep. Liz Cheney. (Josh Galemore/Casper Star-Tribune/via Associated Press)

OAN Newsroom
Updated 7:32 AM PT – Monday, August 15, 2022

GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is facing tough competition against Harriet Hageman in Wyoming’s upcoming primary election. This comes as Cheney has deviated from representing Republican values multiple times during her current term. She has been at the forefront of congressional anti-Trump Republicans, notably voting with Democrats on gun control, the CHIPS Act and former President Trump’s second impeachment. In her campaign video, Cheney argues claims suggesting the 2020 election was rigged are lies.

“It is a door Donald Trump opened to manipulate Americans to abandon their principles, to sacrifice their freedom, to justify violence, to ignore the rulings of our courts and the rule of law,” Cheney stated in a campagin ad. “This is Donald Trump’s legacy. “

The Republican has continuously used her campaign to target Trump, despite the overwhelming amount of votes he received from Wyoming in the last two elections. The 45th President has pushed back, calling Cheney a RINO and claiming she “has gone crazy.” This came after he was also one of two House Republicans who voted for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) January 6 Committee.

Meanwhile, Cheney has been falling behind her opponent, Trump-endorsed Harriet Hagemen, in recent polls for the state’s Republican primary, which is set to take place Tuesday.

MORE NEWS: RNC National Spokesman Weighs In On Trump Raid

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Trump: FBI Took Privileged ‘Attorney-Client’ Material During Raid

GettyImages 75960133 e1660323281282 373x210 1

A crest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seen 03 August 2007 inside the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

A crest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seen 03 August 2007 inside the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington, DC. (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Daniel Baldwin, OAN White House Correspondent
Updated 8:05 AM PT – Monday, August 15, 2022

Former President Donald Trump alleged that the FBI took privileged “attorney-client” documents during its raid on Mar-a-Lago in a post on Truth Social.

“Oh great! It has just been learned that the FBI, in its now famous raid of Mar-a-Lago, took boxes of privileged “attorney-client” material, and also “executive” privileged material, which they knowingly should not have taken,” Trump wrote. “By copy of this TRUTH, I respectfully request that these documents be immediately returned to the location from which they were taken. Thank you!”

The claim was originally reported by Fox News. Attorney-client privilege is protected under the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the right to counsel.

The search warrant and property receipt for the August 8 raid of Mar-a-Lago were unsealed by Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart Friday. They revealed the warrant was approved on Friday, August 5 and the FBI had until August 19 to execute the warrant.

The property receipt revealed the FBI took documents labeled “Executive Grant of Clemency re: Roger Stone,” “Info re: President of France,” “Various Classified/TS/SCI documents,” “Handwritten note,” “Binder of photos,” and other miscellaneous things.

MORE NEWS: Twitter Rolls Out Election Misinformation Rules Ahead Of Midterms-GOP Believe Its To Silence Them

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Rep. Hice to Newsmax: FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid an ‘Enormous Overstep’

getfile.aspxguidE212A478 E224 472F 9E81 4BEA6E016F0C

Rep. Hice to Newsmax: FBI's Mar-a-Lago Raid an 'Enormous Overstep' Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 15 August 2022 12:43 PM EDT

The FBI carried out an "enormous overstep of its authority" by raiding former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, and questions must be answered, Rep. Jody Hice said on Newsmax on Monday.

"I'm extremely concerned, as are millions and millions of Americans whose greatest fear is to see the federal government be weaponized to come against individual citizens," the Georgia Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "In this case [with] the former president of the United States. If they can do this to him, they can do this to anyone."

Hice said one of his biggest questions is why Trump's attorneys were reportedly not allowed to witness the FBI's search.

"This whole thing has been done improperly," said Hice. "I believe there are multiple, multiple questions that need answering. The FBI and the Department of Justice, as a whole, have lost credibility with so many Americans with this unexpected, unannounced type of seizure."

Hice said he thinks it is "unthinkable" that the White House is choosing to "literally pretend they knew nothing about this. It's not just believable at all. Here is an opponent [and] potentially another candidate for 2024 in the White House. This has every appearance that it was nothing but politically driven, and all investigations that would get to the bottom of this are necessary at this point."

Hice on Monday also spoke out against the Democrats' Inflation Reduction Act, which has passed by congressional chambers and is now awaiting President Joe Biden's signature.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm over the weekend told CNN that the bill will save Americans money by allowing tax credits for activities such as installing solar power or energy-efficient windows, or by installing electric vehicle charging stations at their homes.

"This whole so-called Inflation Reduction Act is going to have just the opposite effect," said Hice. "It is going to exacerbate a problem that already is existing because of the horrible economic policies of this administration."

Americans already can't afford the high price of gas, said Hice, but the Democrats' answer is for them to "go green."

"People can't afford these types of things," he said. "A little over a year ago, before the Biden administration, we were energy independent. The economy was booming before the pandemic. … All of this has changed under horrible policies from this administration, and now their attempt to correct the horrible economic policies is to raise your taxes."

Hice on Monday also looked back one year ago at today's anniversary of the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, and he said he believes this anniversary was the "beginning of the end of the Biden administration."

"This was a withdrawal that they said was going to be safe [and] responsible," said Hice. "It was not safe. It was irresponsible. It is left the entire world with more terrorists growing right under our nose."

A year later, nobody knows the numbers of Americans and individuals who are trying to get out of Afghanistan, Hice said.

Even more, the United States left "$85 billion of the best military equipment in the world for terrorists to take over," said Hice. "It was irresponsible; it's horrible, and here we are a year later, and people are still trying to get out of Afghanistan."


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Trump Offers to Help Cool Country’s ‘Temperature’

getfile.aspxguid452A25F4 3D6E 4E0E 982A C35003D7BBA0

Trump Offers to Help Cool Country's 'Temperature' former president donald trump gestures as he speaks (Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

By Charlie McCarthy | Monday, 15 August 2022 12:21 PM EDT

Former President Donald Trump offered to do "whatever I can to help the country" during "a dangerous time" following the FBI's raid of his Mar-a-Lago home last week.

Trump said the "temperature has to be brought down" in a nation where citizens are "not going to stand for another scam."

"The country is in a very dangerous position. There is tremendous anger, like I've never seen before, over all of the scams, and this new one — years of scams and witch hunts, and now this," Trump told Fox News Digital on Monday morning.

"If there is anything we can do to help, I, and my people, would certainly be willing to do that."

After the Aug. 8 raid, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies warning of increased threats.

Trump said his representatives had reached out to the Justice Department (DOJ) to offer to help but had not heard back.

"I think they would want the same thing — I’ve never seen anything like this," Trump told Fox News Digital. "It is a very dangerous time for our country.

"I will do whatever I can to help the country."

Trump added that if the temperature is not brought down, "terrible things are going to happen."

The DOJ on Friday said FBI agents who searched Trump's Florida home this week removed 11 sets of classified documents including some marked as top secret. The department added that prosecutors had probable cause to believe the former president may have violated the Espionage Act.

Trump and his allies say the documents had been declassified.

"There has never been a time like this where law enforcement has been used to break into the house of a former president of the United States, and there is tremendous anger in the country — at a level that has never been seen before, other than during very perilous times," Trump told Fox News Digital.

Trump said that many people are irate about the FBI raid because after "years of fake witch hunts and phony Russia, Russia, Russia schemes and scams, nothing happens to those people who perpetuate that — nothing happens with them.

"And then they break into a president’s house … no one ever thought a thing like this would happen," Trump said.

The former president also took issue with the actions of the FBI agents who performed the raid.

"[They] break in and take whatever they want to take,” he said, and added that the agents told his team on the premises to "turn off the camera," and said "no one can go through the rooms.

"They could take anything they want, and put anything they want in," Trump told Fox News Digital. "My people were asked to stand outside."

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GOP Anti-Trump Group Buys $3M in Ads in Swing States

getfile.aspxguid4C9B6B04 84FF 43E8 8E25 67F7AF55D0F1

GOP Anti-Trump Group Buys $3M in Ads in Swing States riots at the u.s. capitol on jan. 6, 2021

An anti-Trump group is using advertising that features footage from the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. (John Minchillo/AP)

By Brian Freeman | Monday, 15 August 2022 11:41 AM EDT

The Republican Accountability Project, an anti-Trump group, bought $3 million in advertising to air in seven swing states starting Monday that includes footage of the riot at the Capitol and messages from GOP congressmen who oppose the former president, the Washington Examiner reported on Monday.

The ads are an attempt to decrease support for Donald Trump and will air over the next three weeks while the Jan. 6 committee is on recess until September.

The ads are set to appear during local broadcast news hours in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — all battleground states that were narrowly decided in the 2020 presidential election and that have prominent election-denier candidates running in the midterm elections in November.

Politico reported that the ads includes footage of Trump backers hitting police officers during the Capitol riot.

The ads also include a comment from Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, the ranking Republican member of the House Jan. 6 committee, saying that "as Americans, we all have a duty to ensure that what happened on Jan. 6 never happens again."

Republican Accountability Project Executive Director Sarah Longwell told Politico, "We're really trying to make the Jan. 6 findings stick with swing voters."

Longwell added that since the committee started holding public hearings, her organization has "seen a real drop off, in focus groups, of those who want Trump to run again for president in 2024."

The group hopes to convince voters to back another candidate in the 2024 presidential election if Trump declares his intent to run.

The Republican Accountability Project said it plans to spend an additional $10 million to oppose candidates in 14 states who promote Trump's claims of election fraud, according to the Washington Examiner.

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‘The Age of the Strongman’ Chronicled Before It’s Over

getfile.aspxguid87541938 AD6A 4231 B430 B9A0F48EB144

'The Age of the Strongman' Chronicled Before It's Over Donald Trump Former President Donald Trump. (Getty Images)

By John Gizzi | Monday, 15 August 2022 11:31 AM EDT

In what is both a compelling and controversial work on events and personalities of our times, Financial Times Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator Gideon Rachman vividly chronicles some of the recent and more colorful world leaders in "The Age of The Strongman."

In many ways, Rachman is the lineal heir to U.S. political correspondent John Franklin Carter and The Age Of The Strongman a contemporary version of Carter's 1935 work American Messiahs. Writing under the pseudonym "The Unofficial Observer," Carter's "Messiahs" characterized such political powers on the left and right in the U.S. as Georgia Gov. Gene Talmadge, "Radio Priest" Father Charles Coughlin, Socialist gubernatorial candidate and author Upton Sinclair of California, and, of course, Louisiana's Sen. Huey P. Long.

Rachman's "messiahs" are on the world stage. Donald Trump (U.S.), Viktor Orban (Hungary), Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), Norendra Modi (India), Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines), and even heavy-handed African leaders such as Rwandan President Paul Kagame all come to life through Rachman's pen and from his years of covering most of them personally and up close.

With some out of power (for now) — Trump, Duterte, Netanyahu — Rachman's "strong men" are inarguably forces to be reckoned with.

Fueled by voter disgust with traditional politicians and through polarizing issues such as illegal immigration ("Hungary For Hungarians" is a slogan of Orban's Fidescz Party) and political correctness (especially animosity toward the LGBTQ agenda), the strong men have been coming to power worldwide and through the ballot box for the last 10 years.

As part of his thesis that these leaders are operating authoritarian regimes and tolerate little dissent, Rachman traces their genesis to Vladimir Putin. "The Archetype," as the author dubs Putin, came to power in Russia 22 years ago and, recent developments in Ukraine notwithstanding, reigns supreme today.

"An idealized version of Putin's Russia has become an inspiration," Rachman quotes author Anne Applebaum, "for right-wing intellectuals, now deeply critical of their own societies, who have begun paying court to right-wing dictators who dislike America."

Analogies between elected strongmen in Europe and the Western Hemisphere to China's Xi Jinping are also made.

"Wang Oishan, Xi's trusted ally … liked to shake up foreigners by boasting of the numbers he had sent to jail … 'It's over a million.' "

Ren Zhigiang, a party member and real estate tycoon, "published an open letter accusing the Communist Party of incompetence and condemning the stupidity of the great leader." For this, the reader learns, Ren was sentenced to 18 years in prison on corruption charges.

As much as Trump, Netanyahu, Modi, and other democratically-elected strongmen may inveigh against their enemies, it is definitely a reach to picture them arbitrarily imposing harsh prison sentences on those who criticize them.

Rachman focuses particular attention on Hungary's Orban and his self-styled "illiberal democracy." This was of particular interest to me, having spent a week in Budapest last October. Under the Orban government, unemployment dropped from 4.3 percent in July of 2021 to 3.5 percent in July of this year, and Hungary's flat tax remains at 15 percent.

"With a two-thirds parliamentary majority behind him," writes Rachman, "Orban was steadily eroding the country's independent institutions as he brought the courts, media, civil service, universities, and cultural institutions under the control of his party." (The author failed to say just how he has done this or whether he used strong-arm tactics or simply enacted legislation).

To the Orban administration's assertion that there is an active opposition press and that "independent newspapers and other media continued to oppose and to criticize the government," the author counters that "the government's core constituency outside the big cities was much more likely to get its news straight from the main television stations."

Unmentioned is that all of Orban's opponents — from former Communists to the virulently anti-Semitic Jobbick Party — joined forces last year in a "grand coalition" whose common denominator was hatred for the three-term prime minister. Their joining of forces notwithstanding, Orban's Fidescz Party emerged triumphant for a fourth time.

This was unique, as strongmen usually fall in a democratic system when their enemies join forces. Cases in point are the coalitions that last year deposed Netanyahu in Israel and the Czech Republic's Orban-like Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

Another question raised by the author is when one political party democratically wins a two-thirds "supermajority" of seats in a parliament or Congress (Orban's Fidescz and Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party), does that constitute a threat to democracy?

How different is that, the reader wonders, from FDR's Democrats holding two-thirds majority of both Houses of Congress from 1933-39 to enact landmark social legislation and having the presidency to sign it into law?

And does Italy, which has not had an elected prime minister in a decade, have a better form of government with an unelecred leader than one that has been elected?

It's ironic that the government of Italy's last unelected Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, recently collapsed and new elections this fall are likely to result in a nationalist government coming to power, with Giorgia Meloni of the nationalist Brothers of Italy becoming the "strong woman" of Rome.

It would appear that Netanyahu is on the comeback trail in the coming Israeli elections in November. Both Trump and soon-to-be former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson talk seriously with close associates of returning to power.

From Italy to Tunisia, there are nationalist movements and accompanying "strongmen" (or women) on the rise. That is additional incentive to read "The Age of the Strongman," and perhaps suggest a second volume in a few years.

John Gizzi is chief political columnist and White House correspondent for Newsmax. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.

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Trump Attorney to Newsmax: DOJ Against Independent Review

getfile.aspxguidD31F6ED4 9C6E 4DDC B6AB 3BAAAA71C1C0

Trump Attorney to Newsmax: DOJ Against Independent Review (Newsmax/"Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 15 August 2022 11:05 AM EDT

The Department of Justice is opposing a request from former President Donald Trump's attorneys seeking an independent special master to review records that were seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate, even though that process would allow it to appear more impartial following the raid, one of the former president's attorneys, Alina Habba, said on Newsmax Monday.

"In these types of situations what happens is the attorney handling it will ask that there be an independent special master, which is an attorney that gets appointed to oversee and to make sure everything is done correctly," Habba said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America," explaining that the master would be independent of both Trump's side and that of the DOJ."

"It's a neutral party," Habba said. "Think of it much like a mediator. They just make sure that the t's are being crossed, the i's are being dotted, and there's no funny business."

A decision will be made soon, she added, but "optically, it's a good idea," said Habba. "I think that you need to look impartial, especially given the negative impact that this has had on the country right now. I would try and look as open to having as much transparency as possible."

Meanwhile, there has been a great deal of speculation about whether Trump would be disqualified from running for office in 2024 if he would be charged and convicted of the statutes listed on the warrant to search his home.

According to the warrant application, which was unsealed Friday, the DOJ said it had probable cause to believe Trump violated the federal Espionage Act, which prohibits possession or transmission of national defense information.

Further, the warrant application said the DOJ believed he allegedly broke other statutes in connection with mishandling government records, including one law that says it's illegal to mishandle government documents, classified or not.

"If you look at this old, antiquated statute, which is probably part of the reason why they brought these three statutes in on the warrant, they say that if you are charged and convicted of these, you would be disqualified from running for president," said Habba. "You can take from that what you want. What people are saying is that it had to do with Jan. 6, that it had to do with a lot of things."

However, she warned that banning Trump from running would "cause so much mayhem" and would be a "monstrous mistake."

"Just understand, he was cooperating," said Habba. "They had been on-premises prior. He had had a subpoena that they coordinated an effort with his team to come in. They told us to lock it up. They locked it up. So why? Why did you need after two months to have this insane raid?"

The whole matter, she added, "just seems like selective justice. I think that's why so many people on the left are well, are like, Wait a second. This is not the America I signed up for."

But if Trump is indicted, it could "conveniently" come when the midterms are close, as an October surprise, "much like the Russia hoax … but I hope not. I hope not," said Habba.

Meanwhile, Habba had compliments Monday for New York Attorney General Letitia James and her team after they questioned Trump last week as part of a civil investigation into his family's business practices.

"They couldn't have been more courteous," she said. "We all got along. The president at one point went around the table and shook her hand."

Habba also said James' reaction to Trump was "very genuine … it was a very humanizing moment, and I think it was important, especially given what our country looks like right now, to see that people on opposing sides can sit down and be real and genuine and like each other."


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Sen. Graham Ordered to Testify in Trump Probe in Georgia

getfile.aspxguid40D22F69 9ED3 417A 98E9 CEB258CC10B9

Sen. Graham Ordered to Testify in Trump Probe in Georgia sen. lindsey graham speaks Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

By Nicole Wells | Monday, 15 August 2022 10:49 AM EDT

A federal judge on Monday rejected an attempt by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to avoid testifying in the Georgia grand jury probe of former President Donald Trump's alleged interference in the 2020 election.

In a 22-page opinion, U.S. District Court Judge Leigh Martin May said: "[T]he Court finds that the District Attorney has shown extraordinary circumstances and a special need for Senator Graham's testimony on issues relating to alleged attempts to influence or disrupt the lawful administration of Georgia's 2022 elections."

According to Politico, May's opinion sends the matter back to state courts for further proceedings.

Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis is heading the grand jury investigation that issued Graham's subpoena for an Aug. 23 interview.

The Palmetto State Republican claimed he was engaging in legitimate inquiries as a lawmaker under the Constitution's speech and debate clause when he reached out to Georgia state officials after the 2020 election.

"The Court finds that there are considerable areas of potential grand jury inquiry falling outside the Speech or Debate Clause’s protections," May said in his ruling. "Additionally, sovereign immunity fails to shield Senator Graham from testifying before the Special Purpose Grand Jury."

Citing court documents filed in support of the subpoena request, USA Today reports that Graham made at least two phone calls to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and members of Raffensperger's staff in the weeks after the November 2020 election, requesting additional review of the absentee ballots.

Graham maintains that he was trying to understand the process different states use to examine ballots and has denied allegations that he was coercing officials to exclude ballots.

"This is all politics," Graham's lawyers Bart Daniel and Matt Austin said last month, according to USA Today. "Fulton County is engaged in a fishing expedition and working in concert with the Jan. 6 committee in Washington."

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Rep. Perry to Newsmax: My Phone Seizure, Trump Raid  ‘All Politics’

getfile.aspxguid440A710B 5EAE 45C0 A4D2 10BC4A178BDF

Rep. Perry to Newsmax: My Phone Seizure, Trump Raid 'All Politics' (Newsmax/"Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 15 August 2022 10:05 AM EDT

Rep. Scott Perry, whose cellphone was seized by federal agents last week as he vacationed with his family, said Monday on Newsmax that the incident, as well as the raid on former President Donald Trump's home, was all "politics" as the midterm elections near this fall.

"We're 90 days away from a midterm election, and they're going to do absolutely everything they can, including using the power of the federal government to smear their opponents," the Pennsylvania Republican said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "And that's what this is all about."

Perry said that when agents showed up to seize his phone and images, they did not have any answers about why they had not contacted his attorney.

"I guess they want this spectacle," he added. "They gave it back toward the end of the day, and that's what I know right now."

Meanwhile, Perry said he was able to contact his attorneys, who told him they talked with the Department of Justice and were told he's not the target of an investigation.

"So I'm not sure, quite honestly, what this is all about," said Perry.

Meanwhile, he said it's hard to trust the FBI, considering its history with people like Gen. Michael Flynn, as the agency was "involved in a frame-up and just about threw him in jail."

"It's hard to trust these folks when they were part of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative that plagued the country for three to four years, admitting knowing that they that there was nothing to it," said Perry. "It's hard to trust the same people that changed [Rep.] Jim Jordan's text and then use the pretext as a way of pursuing him and punishing him politically. I mean, the list goes on and on about the lack of accountability."

The congressman said he asked the agents how they found him, "and they just said, you know, with a smirk, 'It's what we do.'"

He said that he also asked the agents to let his chief of staff know when the cellphone would be returned, and they claimed they could not find her.

"It's interesting that the most powerful investigative agency on the planet can't get ahold of a sitting congressman's chief of staff," said Perry. "You know, we just passed the bill last week that will pay for the hiring of up to 87,000 IRS employees.

"Every American needs to be looking at this point, unfortunately, over their shoulder because the federal government is coming for them … it was said in the past, you show me the man, I'll show you the crime. That seems to be the America we live in right now."

Meanwhile, Trump, while in office, was able to declassify the information from documents seized at his home last week, said Perry.

"He's the ultimate classifier of all information as the president, so regardless of how sensitive is, if while he's the president, he says it's unclassified, [then] it's unclassified, whether they like it or not," said Perry.

He also said he's concerned that before last week's raid, Trump had invited the FBI to look through the boxes and complied with their requests to safeguard them.

"They could have taken anything they wanted," Perry said. "They could have called the president's attorneys and said, Look, we've got some questions about this. That or the other thing, they didn't bother with any of that. They just created the spectacle of a raid on the [home of] the former president of the United States home."

Further, Trump wouldn't have packed up the boxes himself while leaving the White House, said Perry.

"They act as if the president, at the end of his presidency, sat on the living room carpet in his sweatpants and put these documents in a box," he said. "This is the General Services Administration. They know exactly what's in there."


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