Trump Mocks Biden’s Speeches: ‘The Anger, He’s So Angry’

Trump Mocks Biden's Speeches: 'The Anger, He's So Angry' (Newsmax)

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 05 November 2022 08:32 PM EDT

Railing on the Biden administration, former President Donald Trump called President Joe Biden a very "angry" president amid rising inflation, a crumbing economy, and an upcoming midterm election red wave.

"I watched Biden two days ago in a fit of rage, the anger; he's so angry," Trump told his Save America rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night. The event aired live on Newsmax.

"'We've got to stop MAGA, called it mega MAGA, ultra MAGA, MAGA king: I'm the MAGA king, he said. I'm the MAGA king … it was a very good compliment."

Trump mocked Biden for weaponing the Justice Department and the FBI to try to stop his political opponent — albeit Trump has yet to officially announce a 2024 presidential campaign and Biden has been less and less certain he will run for reelection as the oldest president in history.

"We've got to stop the MAGA king; we're going to stop the MAGA king: Get the FBI loaded up, get the Justice Department loaded. For six years, I've been going through this stuff."

Trump's rallies now feature a video lowlighting Biden's cognitive struggles and difficulty speaking before the media and America.

"So, in many ways, it's really not funny; it's sad, because we could end up in a nuclear war, and this would be a war like no other — the power of these weapons — what's going on?" Trump said. "And the word nuclear was never mentioned. That never was supposed to be mentioned.

"We could end up in a nuclear war the way they're handling things right now, with Russia every day mentioning the nuclear word now."

Trump called Biden's foreign polices failures "the greatest danger that this country has faced, from its founding," because of the power of the weaponry.

"And we have a man that doesn't know what the hell he's doing," Trump added. "It's a very, very sad situation that would have never happened in Ukraine.

"Russia would have never, ever even thought to have gone in."


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