Peter Navarro to Newsmax: Biden Lost Pa. Votes With Coal Comment

Peter Navarro to Newsmax: Biden Lost Pa. Votes With Coal Comment U.S. President Joe Biden speaks with dignitaries and employees at ViaSat on November 4, 2022 in Carlsbad, California. (Sandy Huffaker/Getty)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 05 November 2022 07:23 PM EDT

President Joe Biden didn't just infuriate Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., with his comments about shutting down coal-fired electric plants this week, but he probably cost Democrat candidates in Pennsylvania some votes, Peter Navarro, a White House adviser under former President Donald Trump, said on Newsmax Saturday.

"In some sense, Biden seemingly channeled Hillary Clinton's comment back in 2016 in West Virginia and Ohio, when she was talking about shutting down the coal mines, and she lost West Virginia by 70% to 30%," Navarro said on Newsmax's "The Count," speaking before Trump's rally in Latrobe, Pa., located near Pittsburgh.

Manchin is demanding an apology from Biden, who said in a speech in Carlsbad, Calif. Friday that "no one is building new coal plants because they can’t rely on it, even if they have all the coal guaranteed for the rest of their existence of the plant. So it’s going to become a wind generation," reports The Washington Post.

"This is a gift to all Republicans running in Pennsylvania because they have coal mines, but they also have a lot of frackers who heard them loud and clear," said Navarro.

Meanwhile, many Trump-backed races in Pennsylvania will help remove Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, and "I think Biden just help them get another 2% points each in terms of their totals," said Navarro.

He also predicted Democrat John Fetterman will lose "decisively" to Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Senate race and that GOP contender Doug Mastriano will defeat Democrat Josh Shapiro in the "big one," the race for governor.

And Trump will welcome all the major candidates on stage at the Latrobe rally, and they'll bring the races home because of his endorsement, said Navarro.

"The Trump endorsement plays in Pennsylvania," he said. "That's his state, not Joe Biden's."
Biden, he added, has "revealed himself as the radical progressive puppet of the far left that we thought he was and said he was when I was in the White House."

The comment in California about coal plants was "beyond the pale," Navarro continued.
"What's he doing, running for president in California?" he said. "Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, these are the battleground states that were in 2020. They're going to be it again."

Navarro also predicted that, as news stories indicated this week, Trump will be announcing his next presidential candidacy before Christmas.

"I said that Trump would announce his candidacy after the election and before Christmas as a Christmas present to the American people," he said. "I maintain that and he will make a lot of people happy with that announcement."


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