Alina Habba to Newsmax: A Dual System of Justice in This Country

Alina Habba to Newsmax: A Dual System of Justice in This Country

(Newsmax/"Eric Bolling the Balance")

By Jeremy Frankel | Thursday, 29 September 2022 09:56 PM EDT

There is no fairness in the treatment of former President Donald Trump versus the treatment of other former presidents when it comes to handling and storing documents, Trump attorney Alina Habba told Newsmax Thursday.

Eric Bolling, host of "Eric Bolling the Balance," opened the segment detailing how former presidents, including George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, kept their documents in unsecure locations, as opposed to Trump, who kept his in a secure room at his Mar-a-Lago estate, which is also guarded by the Secret Service.

Habba noted that Obama "had his 30 million pages moved into an abandoned furniture store. That furniture store also happened to be adjacent to a McDonald's, where there was frequent people moving in and out of that parking lot. And [the National Archives and Record Administration] recognized that he had — and he admitted he had — classified documents in there, and they stated that was not a secure location. But he didn't get raided. Hunter Biden's not raided. So Barron Trump's room can go get raided, but not Hunter Biden.

"If you can look at what's happening in our country right now and tell me with a straight face that there is not a dual system of justice, I would be shocked — and you must really be committed to stupidity," Habba added. "It is absolutely insane what is happening."


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