Bill O’Reilly to Newsmax: GOP-Led House Might Impeach Biden

Bill O'Reilly to Newsmax: GOP-Led House Might Impeach Biden (Newsmax/"Rob Schmitt Tonight")

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 06 October 2022 10:14 PM EDT

While the reports of alleged evidence significant enough to charge Hunter Biden with federal crimes do not implicate President Joe Biden, political pundit Bill O'Reilly on Newsmax said a Republican-led House might make that connection in their oversight and ultimately impeach the president.

"If the House committees investigating Hunter Biden-Joe Biden financial situation come across documents that show that Joe Biden himself received money, that's impeachment," O'Reilly told Thursday's "Rob Schmitt Tonight." "That's impeachment. He's out.

"None of this is good news for Joe Biden," O'Reilly said, adding, "He knows it."

O'Reilly began his appearance with host Rob Schmitt denouncing Biden's effort to get Saudi Arabia to pump more oil for America, only to have the opposite happen.

"The Biden administration's beyond incompetent — I think everybody understands that at this point," O'Reilly said, noting the OPEC+ oil alliance will ultimately hold the U.S. up for ransom on oil. "But the U.S. can't cut arms shipments to Saudi Arabia because they're the bulwark against Iran. So all of this is just posturing. It's just blowing smoke.

"The Arabs always try to squeeze the USA. It's been going on for what, 78 years? But the Biden administration's windmill thing didn't work. The electric car thing didn't work. They shut down the fossil fuel industry, or try to, in the USA. It led to inflation."

O'Reilly admitted Biden will not be leaving the White House before 2024, but Republicans can start to move the country back into a conservative direction if they retake control of the House and Senate.

"We've got to put up with this guy for another two years. But I hope in the midterms that people say, 'Enough, enough, enough,'" O'Reilly said.

Former President Donald Trump had workable relations with Saudi Arabia, and they would not have played Trump like they have Biden, O'Reilly concluded.

"They knew if they did stuff like this, embarrassing the U.S. or making it more difficult, that Trump would find a way to hurt them. But nobody's afraid of Joe Biden," he said.


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