Cook Political Report Shifts 6 House Races in Republicans’ Favor

Cook Political Report Shifts 6 House Races in Republicans' Favor (Newsmax)

By Solange Reyner | Wednesday, 26 October 2022 12:30 PM EDT

Republicans are projected to pick up 12-25 seats in the upcoming midterm elections, according to a new analysis by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, which has tracked congressional races for decades.

The GOP needs to win just five net seats to take over the House of Representatives, which Democrats control by a narrow margin 220-212.

"This week, all six of the races moving in the GOP's direction are located in states Joe Biden carried in 2020, whereas all four races moving toward Democrats are located in states Donald Trump carried in both 2016 and 2020," David Wasserman, House editor of the outlet, wrote.

The Cook Political Report changed its projection in races in Alaska, California's 49th district, Connecticut's 5th district, Iowa's 2nd district, Kansas' 3rd district, New York's 17th district, North Carolina's 1st district, Virginia's 7th and 10th district and Wisconsin's 3rd district.

The ratings of six House districts have changed in Republicans' favor, including Rep. Mike Levin, D-Calif., from lean Democrat to toss up, Rep. Jahana Hayes, D-Conn., from lean Democrat to toss up, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-N.Y., from lean Democrat to toss up, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., from lean Democrat to toss up in Virginia, and Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va., from solid Democrat to likely Democrat in Virginia.

"In blue states where Roe v. Wade is certain to remain law, Republicans have been much more effective in channeling voter anger towards Democrats, who are effectively ‘double incumbents' at the state/federal levels. They've had an easier time there focusing voters' attention on rising inflation and crime – aided, of course, by news footage of tent cities in Portland and people being shoved onto subway tracks in New York," Wasserman wrote.

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