Corey Lewandowski to Newsmax: ‘Politicization’ of DOJ Being Ignored

Corey Lewandowski to Newsmax: 'Politicization' of DOJ Being Ignored Corey Lewandowski (Getty Images)

By Jay Clemons | Tuesday, 13 September 2022 03:01 PM EDT

Corey Lewandowski, a former senior adviser for Trump 2020, believes the American public and White House would be "up in arms" if word broke of a third-world country dictator using the federal police to "intimidate" and "harass" their main political opponent, along with that candidate's senior aides and junior staffers.

And yet, Lewandowski says the left-leaning media and Democrats have largely chosen to ignore the Biden administration's influence with the FBI's Aug. 8 raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, or recent news accounts of Trump staffers being harangued by federal officials, amid threats of "weapons, badges, and subpoenas."

"This the politicization of the Justice Department," Lewandowski told Newsmax on Tuesday while appearing on "John Bachman Now." "[The feds] showing up at people's homes, knocking on doors" and try to frighten workers connected to Trump.

Lewandowski added that "as opposed to just calling" these staffers, federal officials are looking to execute home searches, which serve the dual purpose of getting media attention, and also intimidating and embarrassing those who don't have the financial means to afford high-priced legal representation.

"[The feds] want to bankrupt you," says Lewandowski.

From Lewandowski's perspective, the best way to combat political intimidation involves voting for Republican changes at the ballot box; and in New Hampshire, particularly the U.S. Senate battle, Lewandowski believes the GOP "can clearly win this race, if they nominate the right person."

Entering tonight's primaries in New Hampshire, Real Clear Politics has Senate candidate Donald C. Bolduc, a retired Army brigadier general, leading the Republican primary challengers by double-digit points.

"Here is a real opportunity for Republicans to take [over] a competitive U.S. Senate seat," says Lewandowski, while forecasting that incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H. would be "absolutely vulnerable" in a general-election setting.

Republicans and Democrats are deadlocked in a 50-all tie for Senate seats heading into the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

According to Lewandowski, Hassan's vulnerability has a connection to the failed policies of President Joe Biden.

Lewandowski says Biden's New Hampshire poll numbers are "atrocious."

Lewandowski also hearkened back to the 2020 Democratic presidential primary in this state, when "the people of New Hampshire remember that [Biden] left halfway through the [campaign] day to go down to South Carolina."


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