Democrat Katie Hobbs Denounces ‘Dangerous’ Kari Lake

Democrat Katie Hobbs Denounces 'Dangerous' Kari Lake (Newsmax)

By Michael Katz | Tuesday, 22 November 2022 05:56 PM EST

Arizona Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs said Republican Kari Lake’s claims of election fraud in their gubernatorial race, which Hobbs won by about 17,000 votes, is “dangerous” and leading to “threats and violence."

“This kind of political rhetoric, these false accusations, they need to stop because many people across the state of Arizona and across the country are being misled by these so-called political leaders,” Hobbs said Tuesday on “CNN This Morning.” “And their rhetoric is dangerous and it’s leading to threats and violence, and it needs to stop.”

Lake’s complaints center mostly on Maricopa County, which had a myriad of issues on Election Day. Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates, a Republican, reportedly has been forced into hiding because of death threats.

Hobbs, the Democratic secretary of state charged with overseeing her own election victory, said “Arizonans and Americans sent a strong message to these election deniers that we’re ready to move on. But unfortunately, they are still ginning up these attacks on those responsible for our elections based on their false allegations, and they’re just basically being a sore loser. We cannot tolerate it.”

In a video posted Tuesday on the Twitter site of iVoteArizona, Lake, who was backed by former President Donald Trump, said the midterm elections in Arizona were “botched and broken beyond repair.”

Lake said she’s grateful the Arizona attorney general’s office is looking into voting issues in Maricopa County, which among its problems on Election Day was the configuration of ballot-on-demand printers, resulting in tabulators unable to read some ballots.

“Tens of thousands of you have reached out, pleading with me to fight this fight," Lake said in the video. "Rest assured, I will because if we give up now, we no longer will have a country."

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