Dick Morris to Newsmax: GOP Will Gain Senate Control

Dick Morris to Newsmax: GOP Will Gain Senate Control Dick Morris (Getty Images)

By Charles Kim | Monday, 07 November 2022 04:20 PM EST

Dick Morris, adviser to former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Monday that he believes Republicans will gain a majority in the Senate in tomorrow's midterm elections and hold 52 to 55 seats.

"I do feel that in Pennsylvania, [GOP Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet] Oz is going to win," Morris said during "American Agenda." "I believe that the Republicans are going to end tomorrow night with somewhere between 52-55 seats in the Senate."

Oz is locked in a tight race with Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in one of the nation's most closely watched midterm races.

Morris said that many of the races will likely be decided by the "undecided" voters, who he believes will break for the Republicans amid the current problems caused during the first two years of President Joe Biden's administration and the Democratic Congressional majorities.

"In all of these close races, I think the Republican has the advantage because they are usually the challenger and the Democrat is the incumbent," Morris said. "When you ask someone who are they going to vote for, and the election that's a week away, or a day away, and they say, 'I'm undecided' it's a little bit like asking a woman, 'Are you going to be married to the same guy next year?' And she says, 'I'm undecided.' It doesn't say good things about that marriage."

Morris said that if voters claim are undecided this close to the election, it usually means that they want to vote against the incumbent, or party in power and are looking for more information to vote for the challenger.


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