Dick Morris to Newsmax: Inflation a Big Issue for Young Voters

Dick Morris to Newsmax: Inflation a Big Issue for Young Voters

(Newsmax/"Wake Up America")

By Charles Kim | Saturday, 01 October 2022 02:48 PM EDT

Political commentator and best-selling author Dick Morris told Newsmax Saturday that inflation woes are becoming a "bigger and bigger issue" among younger voters as the midterm elections loom.

"Polling with McLaughlin & Associates shows that this is particularly potent as an issue with under 40-year-old voters," Morris said during "Saturday Report." "When you and I pay more for gas, it's inconvenient. Sometimes it's a hardship. But they can't buy a car, and they can't have kids; they can't get married; they can't move out of mom's basement. Inflation is so impinging on their ability to start their lives that voters in their 20s and 30s are reacting horribly against inflation. It's overwhelmingly the biggest issue for them."

The poll to which Morris referred was conducted with 1,000 likely voters between Sept. 17-22 and did not report a margin of error for the survey.

It found 62% of voters, of which 33% were between the ages of 18-40, believe the country is on the wrong track and 49% of the total surveyed blame President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., pushing Democratic policies for the shape the country is in.

Eighty-one percent of those surveyed said their individual households are impacted by inflation and higher prices, with 43% saying they are "struggling" and another 38% reporting a "small" impact.

"It's not just a spectator sport for them," said Morris, author of "The Return: Trump's Big 2024 Comeback." "It's something that they have to not only feel every day, which each of us do, but … it [affects] the ability to live their lives. … and I think that that's becoming [an] enormous issue. And as Election Day approaches, it's becoming bigger and bigger."

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Morris said he thinks Democrats bet too heavily on the abortion issue turning voters away from Republicans in the looming midterm elections, which could cost them the majority in both houses of Congress.

"I think that the Democrats basically bet on abortion as opposed to inflation. And they're losing that bet, both because inflation is getting worse and because people are getting used to the abortion decision," he said. "They're saying, 'It's not affecting me and my state,' and there will be some reasonable compromise worked out most of the time. So I think that this is absolutely roiling the Democrat chances for this election."

Morris said the "disconnect" between Democrats and the Biden administration with young voters is because they are feeling "desperate" as inflation forces prices higher and rising interest rates put financing basics like homes and cars out of reach, as well as the increasing possibility of losing their jobs.

"They are in a desperate economic situation," he said. "And they are not happy about the president."


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