Dick Morris to Newsmax: US Can Deter Putin With ‘Total Economic Ruin’

Dick Morris to Newsmax: US Can Deter Putin With 'Total Economic Ruin' (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance")

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 22 September 2022 09:50 PM EDT

The United States might stop Russia's Vladimir Putin amid threats about potentially using nuclear weapons by isolating them economically, just as the U.S. did in the Cold War, according to presidential adviser Dick Morris on Newsmax.

"The solution here is not political, military, it's economic — just like it was in winning the Cold War," Morris told Thursday's "Eric Bolling The Balance."

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"I think the problem is obviously his nuclear threat, and I think that the United States needs to be unambiguous about what we will do if Russia uses nuclear weapons, and I make this point in my book 'The Return,'" Morris added to host Eric Bolling. "Trump has empowered us with tremendous economic leverage over Russia, and we have to use it."

There should be no more talk, and no military threat, just cold and calculated economic isolation, according to Morris.

"I think we can stop it by threatening Russia, not militarily, but with total economic ruin," Morris said. "They would be unable to fund their budget. They'll be unable to run their country. The potential for social revolution would be about 100%, and the United States just needs to stop just saying, 'Don't, don't, don't.'"

Morris was referring there to President Joe Biden's comments to "60 Minutes" on Sunday, issuing a warning against Putin's threat to use nuclear weapons.

Morris credited Trump's foresight on achieving energy independence during his administration, perhaps knowing energy is the No. 1 way Russia funds its government, economy, and war machine.

"We have the capacity thanks to the energy independence that Trump gave us, and the liquefied natural gas capability that he built, to cut Russia off entirely, denying any significant revenue from India or China or anybody else," Morris said.

"Russia cannot sell its oil and gas to India or China, both of which need it, because — while Trump doubled our liquefied natural gas capability so we can just liquefy the gas, put it on a barge, send it off to Europe — Russia doesn't have that, doesn't have the pipeline capacity to send its gas."

Morris outlined the playbook for winning this latest Cold War with Russia without a rattling of sabers.

"Half of Russia's federal budget, the money they get instead of taxes, comes from oil and gas sales, and a third of their economy is from the energy sector," Morris concluded. "And what we need to do is — John Jordan and I wrote a column to this effect — need to say to the Russians: 'We will embargo all shipments of Russian oil and gas to Europe or the United States; we'll kick you out of the United Nations; we'll kick you out of the World Trade Organization; we'll kick you out of the G-7 summit meetings. We will sever diplomatic relations with you, and you'll be totally isolated.'"

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