‘Dr. Doom’ Predicts NYC Being Hit With Nukes, Natural Disasters by 2042

'Dr. Doom' Predicts NYC Being Hit With Nukes, Natural Disasters by 2042 (Newsmax)

By Jay Clemons | Sunday, 23 October 2022 11:17 AM EDT

Dr. Nouriel Roubini, a 64-year-old New York University economics professor who also has the moniker of "Dr. Doom," thanks to some of his dire societal predictions from the past, believes "there's a scenario" in which Russian President Vladimir Putin would use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, and potentially America's largest media market, according to the New York Post.

In his discussion with the Post, Roubini warned that New York City could be a primary target on Putin's to-do list of potential attacks.

"There’s a scenario in which, in the next twelve months, Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine and then they attack NATO and we start a conventional war with Russia. The first nuclear weapon is gonna go to New York," said Roubini. "Being in New York City is not safe."

From Roubini's perspective, New York could also be in line for another natural disaster — perhaps even worse than Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

"In the next 20 years, most of downtown New York is gonna be underwater," predicts Roubini.

The lack of proper governance could also make New York City susceptible to future disasters, reasons Roubini.

When asked about a recent $52 billion proposal from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to construct sea barriers to protect NYC from another storm surge, Roubini rhetorically mused, "Who's gonna pay for that? They don't even know if it's gonna work. It'll take 25 years to build and even if we save Manhattan, all of the Jersey Shore and Long Island will get flooded because that water needs to go somewhere."

According to the Post, "Dr. Doom" first made a public name for himself 16 years ago, after "correctly predicting" the collapse of the housing market and a subsequent worldwide recession.

And now, as part of his new book, "MegaThreats: Ten Dangerous Trends That Imperil Our Future, And How to Survive Them," Roubini is seemingly doubling down on his grim predictions.

As such, Roubini forecasts a "long and ugly" financial crisis in the coming months. He also characterizes the climate change battle as a "slow-motion train wreck."

Dr. Doom also foresees another pandemic emergency emerging worldwide, on the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020-21.

Roubini's most notable "climate" predictions include:

  • With America's coastlines, Roubini warns, "Florida's gonna be underwater — all of it, not just Miami."
  • Regarding this country's South and West regions, Roubini predicts that "most of the South will be too hot to live. You'll have drought from Colorado to California and wildfires like crazy all over the West."
  • For the Midwest, Roubini predicts "we'll have a great migration to the Midwest, into Canada. We'll have to take over Canada. Literally."

The United States invading Canada … by military force?

"I'm not joking," says Roubini.

"The Canadians are gonna say 'no,' but they don’t have the army. They have the land and the water, but no army to defend it. Unless they unify with us, everybody’s gonna try and take over Canada. They need a well-armed U.S. to protect them, so we’ll become the United States of North America just out of necessity. I mean, there was a reason [former President Donald] Trump wanted to buy Greenland," added Roubini.