Father Pavone to Newsmax: Trump Has ‘Particular Way’ of Fighting Back

Father Pavone to Newsmax: Trump Has 'Particular Way' of Fighting Back (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 16 November 2022 01:53 PM EST

Many people could be great presidents, based on their positions, but former President Donald Trump "has a particular way of fighting back" Father Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests For Life, said Wednesday on Newsmax, while doubling down on his support for Trump's 2024 presidential campaign.

"Only Trump is Trump," Pavone said on Newsmax's "National Report." "People are deceiving themselves if they think the unprecedented attacks that he has weathered over these last six years are going to be any less intense with anybody else as the nominee or as the president. They will, if anything, get more intense."

But Trump has a way of accomplishing goals that "no one else has been able to accomplish," said Pavone. "Only Trump is Trump, and that's why I'm behind him 1,000%, and I know tens of millions of Americans are, too."

Meanwhile, polling from the Pew Research Center says large shares of religiously affiliated Republicans give Trump warm ratings, but not the majority, and Pavone said over the next two years, he'll work to increase those numbers, but he doesn't think it will be hard to do.

"Nobody has done more for the church than this president," said Pavone. "Nobody has done more for people of faith. He has defended the freedom of the church.

"Our ministry wouldn't even exist if it weren't for President Trump because he rescued us and many other ministries from the mandates of the Obama administration trying to force us to violate our conscience in various ways."

He also called it "ridiculous" that people on the left are slamming Trump supporters as a "cult."

"He's all about returning power to the people, whether it's parents deciding what school is best for their children, or whether it's small businesses being able to grow their business instead of being crushed by regulations or religious freedom," or for the "freedom of the unborn," said Pavone.

Trump also got three Supreme Court justices confirmed, said the priest, and that is a "major factor" for religious people, so "we're going to make sure they know about it."


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