FBI Whistleblower to Newsmax: Agency Showing Bias Against Conservatives

FBI Whistleblower to Newsmax: Agency Showing Bias Against Conservatives (Newsmax?"National Report")

By Charles Kim | Tuesday, 18 October 2022 01:38 PM EDT

Former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin told Newsmax Tuesday the agency is appearing to show its bias against conservatives in the investigations it chooses to pursue, causing the public to view its actions suspiciously.

"The appearance of impropriety is, in fact, sort of the public perception, and so that's what the public is going to walk around with, that there is impropriety, whether or not it exists," Seraphin said during "National Report" Tuesday. "We only see one side of the aisle, in any really dramatic way, being attacked when it comes to political surrogates for [former] President [Donald] Trump. They're having their phone seized and so on. We're seeing journalists who have been attacked like Project Veritas, that goes back a couple of years at this point, and so it really is a one-sided enforcement."

Seraphin said he was suspended by the agency for losing his security clearance after he was judged by the bureau as being unprofessional to a law enforcement officer in New Mexico, a claim he disputes.

"That was not the case. I've got the body camera footage, which proves that I wasn't [unprofessional with the officer,] and I've had it reviewed by dozens of state, local, and federal law enforcement officers, and nobody sees any issue with it," he said. "So, I'm pretty confident it was a political agenda. The FBI obviously will not admit to something like that, but that's what it feels like from my end."

In a September interview with the Washington Times, Seraphin said the agency tried to entrap alleged "white supremacists" to make cases consistent with the Democrats and President Joe Biden's "danger to democracy" narrative.

"My team was deployed to 20 or 25 different high-profile, national terrorism organization or terrorism investigations between 2018 and 2021," Seraphin told the publication. "And what I saw, as the most obvious statement, is that there are three things about counterterrorism investigations: No. 1, the demand for White supremacy vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy. No. 2, the FBI's playbook when it comes to counterterrorism investigations is always and unequivocally morally equivalent to entrapment, even if there's a legal definition that allows them to skirt that."

Seraphin said Tuesday that it really doesn't matter if the agency is not acting with bias and just building cases, the appearance of bias is what matters and shapes the perception of the public.

"Whether that's the case because the bureau is choosing to do it, or whether they just happen to be building those cases, it doesn't really matter because that's the way the public is going to take it," he said. "And at least half this country is looking at the FBI very suspiciously."


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