Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: Biden’s Democracy Warnings ‘Ridiculous’

Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: Biden's Democracy Warnings 'Ridiculous' Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: Biden's Democracy Warnings 'Ridiculous' (Newsmax)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 06 November 2022 09:45 AM EST

President Joe Biden, by taking aim at supporters of former President Donald Trump, missed a "real opportunity" to speak out about serious threats to national security, while making "ridiculous" claims about dangers to democracy, America First Policy Institute senior fellow Fred Fleitz said on Newsmax Sunday.

"North Korea fired over 70 missiles this week this year, 25 last week," Fleitz, a former chief of staff to the National Security Council, said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "Russian generals recently talked about using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Mr. Biden could have stepped above all of this and talked about these threats to our nation to unite the country. Instead, he makes a ridiculous claim that if you vote for his political opponents after 246 years, democracy in this country will end. I think every American knows that's ridiculous."

Fleitz on Sunday, also discussed the war in Russia, saying it is becoming "worse and worse" for President Vladimir Putin.

"I think there could be a major showdown this spring after the Russian army rebuilds and after the winter, but I think ultimately Russia's prospects in Ukraine are very negative," he said, adding that he's concerned that the Biden administration has no "endgame plan" for the war.


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