Grenell’s ‘Fix California’ Org to Hold Two Rallies This Weekend

Grenell's 'Fix California' Org to Hold Two Rallies This Weekend Ric Grenell Ric Grenell (AP)

By Charlie McCarthy | Friday, 30 September 2022 12:21 PM EDT

An organization started by former Ambassador Ric Grenell aimed at assuring Californians' voices are heard will hold two outdoor rallies in the Golden State this weekend.

Fix California, a nonprofit group committed to pursuing long-term solutions that advance conservative ideas and causes throughout the state, is scheduled to hold "take action" rallies in Newport Beach, California on Saturday, and in Fairfield, California on Sunday.

Grenell, former ambassador to Germany during the Trump administration, said conservatives should not consider California a permanently lost blue state.

"If you would have told me several years ago that Georgia would send two far-left progressive U.S. senators to D.C. I would have said you are crazy — but we know it happened," Grenell, who also served as acting director of national intelligence, told Newsmax.

"States can flip. Ohio and Florida used to be purple, and they are now bright red. California needs more conservatives engaged and motivated. In order to make change to a state with many problems, we must have more conservatives registered to vote. This is my goal for California."

Flyers promoting this weekend’s Fix California rallies point out that the state has 1.4 million unregistered conservatives.

"Let’s change that. Together," read the flyer, which added that Fix California also was a "voter registration campaign."

"Many counties in California have more registered voters than eligible voting age population citizens," Fix California Executive Director Josh Scott told Newsmax on Friday.

"We found that they are not properly maintain voter rolls, they are not sending out as many postcards [asking voters to verify their active status and address] as they should be and inactive voters … some are being left on the active list."

Scott said former President Donald Trump's data consulting team in Florida has assisted Fix California in its efforts.

He also said that the organization was focused on working with "six or seven of the most problematic counties" to "get them to start complying with the law."

"All of California’s election practices are pretty egregious from voter registration, to universal mail-in ballots, to legalized ballot solicitation," Scott told Newsmax. "But where Fix California is really spearheading an effort right now is to make sure that the counties are at least maintaining their voter rolls and have the right amount of people registered to vote."

Grenell will be the headlined speaker at the rallies, which are also expected to include Reform California Chair Carl DeMaio; Republican National Committee California Committeeman Shawn Steele; Rob McCoy, pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, California; Jack Frost, state director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association; and Gun Owners of California Executive Director Sam Paredes.

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