Grover Norquist to Newsmax: Voters Not Buying Biden’s Inflation Blame Game

Grover Norquist to Newsmax: Voters Not Buying Biden's Inflation Blame Game (Newsmax/"American Agenda")

By Jay Clemons | Friday, 14 October 2022 03:32 PM EDT

Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, doesn't understand what prompted President Joe Biden to call attention to the Democrats posting or flirting with 40-year inflation highs earlier this week.

Norquist also cannot wrap his head around Biden's public claim that inflation "would get worse" in 2023, if Republicans carried the House and Senate majorities during the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

"Imagine you're talking to a 7-year-old about where babies come from. This is the level of conversation we're getting from the president, when it comes to inflation," Norquist told Newsmax Friday afternoon, while appearing on "American Agenda" with hosts Katrina Szish and Tom Basile.

From Biden's way of looking at the world, "high inflation [just] happens, the stork drops it," quipped Norquist, alluding to the old children's tale of storks delivering babies.

From Norquist's perspective, Democrats are hoping American voters have forgotten about inflation being at 1.4% near the end of President Donald Trump's tenure (January 2021), or how gas prices were routinely around $2.40 per gallon back then.

Instead, present-day Americans are grappling with inflation cycles that have averaged 8.5% over the last few months; and gas prices are on the rise again.

"You'd think [Biden and the Democrats] would have figured it out earlier: When you print more money, when you spend more money, and when you expand the money supply faster than the economy's growing, the value of the dollar goes down. You cheapen the dollar when you do this," lamented Norquist, while adding the Romans learned this hard economic lesson during their dynastic days from centuries ago.

Bottom line: Norquist says that as long as Democrats remain in power, and control this country's purse strings, the economy isn't set up to flourish.

"Inflation's not going anywhere" with the Democrats in power, says Norquist. "Your dollar's getting worse and worse and worse."

This especially rings true for America's seniors. Even with the 8.7% boost in Social Security payments (starting in 2023), Norquist says the increased payments still aren't matching the country's true inflation rates — particularly when purchasing crucial items at grocery stores or pharmacies.

Senior citizens "are not getting an interest in the value of their payments. … Each dollar [taken in] is worth less, thanks to Biden's policies," says Norquist.

"It's a serious challenge here" in America, especially when every Democrat "voted for this budget, to spend money we don't have," added Norquist.

One possible solution: Norquist says the American people traditionally have long memories, especially when seeing local gas prices every day; and that need for change could be reflected on Election Night.

"Biden thinks that by talking about Jan. 6 (2021), or announcing that 'inflation is over,' that Americans will [be distracted]," said Norquist. "But it's not fooling anyone that looks around to see the world" with higher prices.


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