Harriet Hageman to Newsmax: Cheney Was Focused on Jan. 6, Not Wyoming

Harriet Hageman to Newsmax: Cheney Was Focused on Jan. 6, Not Wyoming (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 08 September 2022 03:14 PM EDT

Much of the focus of the recent Wyoming GOP primary was on incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney, considering her role in the House Jan. 6 committee, and she concentrated more on that than she had in the election to keep her seat, nominee Harriet Hageman, the Trump-backed candidate who beat her, said on Newsmax Thursday.

"I understand that she's a Cheney and she was an incumbent," Hageman said on Newsmax's "National Report." "She's Dick Cheney's daughter. There's no doubt that that legacy has helped her with her name recognition and being elected to the seat in the first place, but in my view in a constitutional republic, which is what we are, we're mere representatives."

And as such, Hageman said the biggest contrast between her and Cheney was that while the incumbent was focusing on the Jan. 6 committee, or on things that are not important to Wyoming, "I was in Wyoming meeting with the people.

"I was talking about the issues such as inflation, the open border, the skyrocketing fuel costs. … I was talking to real people in Wyoming, not only about the problems but real solutions," said Hageman.

She added that as a constitutional attorney for more than 30 years, she has the "experience and background to go back to Congress and be effective for the people of Wyoming as well as people across the country."

However, said Hageman, too many of the nation's leaders only want to talk "about issues that are important to them" rather than what's important to the nation.

Hageman also discussed President Joe Biden's recent speeches, and said that despite his campaign promises to unite the nation, he's "never been a unifier."

"Anybody who's paid any attention to Joe Biden over the last 50 years knows that was rhetoric," she said. "That was political noise, and that was the media attempting to prop up someone incompetent, even at the time that he was running for the office."

And Biden's speech in Philadelphia, where he disparaged "MAGA" Republicans while standing in front of a dark red background was "stagecraft," she said. "It was purely about deflection and the problem is that the media and so many of the people in the public took the bait," said Hageman.

"They want to focus on Donald Trump because they can't focus on their record. The record of the Democrats has been an abysmal failure."


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