Jeffrey Lord to Newsmax: Busing Immigrants North a ‘Genius’ Move

Jeffrey Lord to Newsmax: Busing Immigrants North a 'Genius' Move (Newxmas/"Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 09 October 2022 09:34 AM EDT

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was a "sanctuary city guy" until the immigration crisis started to affect his city, and suddenly, his opinion changed, making the decision by Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott to send immigrants there and to other cities "genius," Jeffrey Lord, who served as associated political director under former President Ronald Reagan, said on Newsmax Sunday.

"I think one of the real genius plays I've ever seen was the decision by Gov. DeSantis and Gov. Abbott to send busloads of their illegal migrants to New York, to Martha's Vineyard, and to places north, around the country," Lord, now a columnist for The American Spectator, told Newsmax's "Wake Up America."

Because of that move, "suddenly, Mayor Adams gets it," said Lord. "You know, it's all very well, he's a sanctuary city guy and all this kind of thing, [but] suddenly the people pour in, and now he's got a different opinion of this."

The border situation he added, is "bad stuff all around," and "until we get control of the border, it's not going to end."

Lord, who appeared on the program in a panel discussion with Amy Tarkanian, the former chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party, talked further on Sunday about President Joe Biden's call to forgive student loans, calling the plan "one more self-inflicted wound," after reports that the decision will cost taxpayers $300 billion.

"All they had to do was have a little common sense before they made this decision in the first place and they wouldn't be in this situation," said Lord, calling Biden's move a ploy to buy votes, but "then, of course, it backfires and they've got a problem on their hands."

Lord added that when he was working for Reagan, "this kind of thing used to drive him absolutely crazy. This was one of the reasons why he ran for president in the first place."

The student loan forgiveness plan is "typical of the way government acts," he said.

"You've got a bunch of professional bureaucrats there who have never had any real management experience, never had any private sector experience, and they constantly do things of this nature, and it drives the American people crazy," said Lord. "I mean, this is one of the reasons why Ronald Reagan then and Donald Trump now are so popular because they've had it with this kind of thing."

Lord also spoke out against the "wokeness infiltrating the military" when asked about plans for the use of electric-powered vehicles in upcoming years.

"There's just no common sense with this stuff," said Lord. "One of my jobs, when I worked in the U.S. Senate for Sen. [John] Heinz, was to take care of the Philadelphia Navy yard. I got a chance to be on aircraft carriers, the John F. Kennedy and later for the dedication of the Ronald Reagan. These are impressive things. You don't want to mess around with this. They have a task to do. Let them do it, for heaven's sake, and stop all this other nonsense."


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