Jon Voight on His Newsmax ‘Abraham Accords’ Special With Trump

Jon Voight on His Newsmax 'Abraham Accords' Special With Trump (Newsmax/''Eric Bolling The Balance'')

By Eric Mack | Monday, 12 September 2022 10:19 PM EDT

The Newsmax exclusive "The Abraham Accords" with former President Donald Trump debuts Sunday, hosted by conservative actor Jon Voight, detailing the historic move toward peace in the Middle East and the "grace" and "humility" of the former president.

"It's an unbelievable thing, a movement towards peace of this kind; it was unprecedented," Voight told Monday's "Eric Bolling The Balance" previewing the special presentation that will air Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern time exclusively on Newsmax.

"It's really been quite a remarkable thing what happened — peace for the first time in that area was brought forth."

The special brings an in-depth interview with Trump and the Abraham Accords, which Voight said the mainstream media has tried to downplay to avoid praising him.

"When they signed the accords, the mainstream media, of course, didn't want to do anything to encourage any praise for Trump, so they kept it quiet," Voight told host Eric Bolling.

Despite avoiding the topic in this country, the achievements have been noted in the Middle East.

"All of the Middle East is opening up in this way because of this gesture, and of course it took years to do and it was very, very clever," Voight continued. "And in the piece, you'll see some of the architecture of that, and it's quite wonderful, wonderful to celebrate it. And what we did with this was we tell the story briefly of the history of the land of Israel.

"And President Trump was so embracing of this opportunity — just [to] sit down and talk about it, and yet he did an awful lot of listening."

The world is going to see a side of Trump they have not seen before, Voight promised.

"You'll see a side to him that you've never seen before, or most people haven't seen, a side of patience, of grace, even humility," Voight said. "I must say it's a very beautiful side to him that is exposed here, because most of the time he's talking about very rough stuff, and he's being attacked quite a lot. So this is a different kind of time with him.

"It'll be a revelation to many people. There is no coincidence that this happened under Donald Trump."

The contrast with the Biden administration is apparent, as revisiting Iran nuclear deal talks is putting the region back in peril, according to Voight.

"That part of the world is very difficult, and Iran is a great danger to Israel and has been," He said. "And we as a country during prior administrations have not been not been helpful in that way.

"But I'm a person who thinks on the positive, and I pray and I hope that we'll get through this, but those accords are monumental, and they do stand as the way to the way to proceed forward."

Voight hailed the special presentation brought to Newsmax viewers through a cooperative agreement between Voight, Trump, JLTV's (Jewish Life Television's) Stephen Paul and Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy.

"JLTV and Newsmax got together because Chris Ruddy and the owner of Jewish Life Television is a very close friend of Chris, and so they got together to produce this thing and it's quite an unusual event in itself," Voight said.


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