Kari Lake to Newsmax: Female Empowerment Never Applies to Republican Women

Kari Lake to Newsmax: Female Empowerment Never Applies to Republican Women

(Newsmax/"Prime News")

By Luca Cacciatore | Friday, 21 October 2022 10:09 PM EDT

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake told Newsmax that the Democratic Party and liberal media’s female empowerment narrative never seems to apply to Republican women.

During a Friday appearance on "Prime News," Lake pointed to the hypocrisy of those pushing for new female leaders who do not support Republican ones, like herself.

"How many times was the wonderful [former] first lady Melania Trump ever on a magazine cover? I think zero. I don't remember seeing it," the GOP nominee said. "So they love to trash Republican women. And you know what? We have the better ideas."

Lake also called out fellow Republicans that "cower to the media" and fall into their narratives, advocating instead for elected officials to "go on the offense" against the biased media.

"That's what I've done. I've done it on all of the issues. When they go after the election, I've gone on the offense. When they go after Republicans for wanting to save lives with being pro-life, I throw it right back in their face that they are the radical ones.

"I hope I'm teaching Republicans that we have nothing to back down from," she continued. "We have nothing to cower to because we have the best ideas, and we have the best solutions to the problems of this moment."

With her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs not accepting a debate, Lake attributed the move to the current Arizona secretary of state, showing that "she has no respect" for her constituents.

"This is a job interview. We are applying for the job of governor of Arizona, and the boss is the people of Arizona. This is our chance to go before the people, tell them what our plans are for this great state … and she's afraid."

According to a RealClearPolitics average of polls conducted in the Arizona gubernatorial race thus far, Lake currently leads Hobbs by 1.6 percentage points, 47.8% to 46.2%, roughly three weeks from Election Day.


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