Kari Lake to Newsmax: ‘I’m Running for Governor’ in Arizona, ‘Not Emperor’

Kari Lake to Newsmax: 'I'm Running for Governor' in Arizona, 'Not Emperor' Kari Lake to Newsmax: 'I'm Running for Governor' in Arizona, 'Not Emperor' (Newsmax/"Spicer & Co.")

By Jay Clemons | Thursday, 03 November 2022 06:40 PM EDT

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake offered a blunt response to media critics who claim the Republican has been sending so-called "mixed" messages about her stance on abortion heading into Tuesday's midterm elections.

"First of all, that's a bunch of garbage. I have spoken out very plainly … I'm pro-life. I want to save as many babies as possible," Lake told Newsmax Thursday afternoon, while appearing on "Spicer & Co." with hosts Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith.

Despite being a relative novice to the political game, Lake — a former TV anchor — has quickly learned to combat her critics with open-floor discussions on various issues.

Also, her ability to hold court with the media — often for sustained periods of time — has prompted pronouncements of Lake becoming the "new face" of the Make America Great Again movement.

One publication, however, also labeled her a "very dangerous candidate."

"The radicals on the [abortion] issue are the Democrats … and they want to have absolutely no restrictions on abortion," says Lake, while adding the Democrats' proposed abortion bill would serve no purpose with the principals involved.

"Women are being hurt, and babies' lives are being taken," says Lake.

Right now, the Arizona courts are working through the various arguments — and legislation — involving abortion rights.

In the meantime, Arizona's attorney general recently determined the placeholder law (beginning in 2023) would ban abortions after 15 weeks of a woman's pregnancy.

"I'm running for governor — not emperor" of Arizona, says Lake, while adding, "[As governor], I would have to execute the laws that are on the books."

Of course, Lake still has to win next week's gubernatorial election against Democrat challenger Katie Hobbs, currently Arizona's secretary of state.

In the runup to Election Day, Hobbs has steadfastly refused to debate Lake, reasoning that doing so would only add to the "spectacle" of her opponent's campaign for governor.

However, Lake posited a different theory, when asked about Hobbs' avoidance tactics, despite trailing in most polls coming down the stretch.

"[Hobbs'] strategy is to just hide in the basement, and hope and pray that the dark money from Planned Parenthood — and the activist groups that support defunding the police — will save the day," says Lake.

Leading into her Newsmax interview, one poll showed Lake holding a slim lead of 2 percentage points.

However, the Republican seemingly didn't put much stock into that survey, saying "we're up in every poll" … including some "in the double digits."

"[Our campaign believes] there'll be a 'red wave' here," says Lake, likely alluding to the state's House and Senate races, as well.

Sweeping "Katie Hobbs out of office, for once and for all … [would be] good for the people of Arizona," added Lake.


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