Kelly Tshibaka to Newsmax: Aggressive Campaign ‘Changing Minds’

Kelly Tshibaka to Newsmax: Aggressive Campaign 'Changing Minds'

By Jay Clemons | Thursday, 29 September 2022 04:09 PM EDT

Alaska Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka estimates she has knocked on more than 1,000 doors while campaigning within the state — which is no small feat, given the expansiveness of Alaska.

And she may knock on another thousand doors over the next 39 days — whatever it takes to get the edge in a hotly contested Senate race that many polling experts have as deadlocked.

The close polls are "really exciting, and we have multiple [internal] polls showing the exact same thing," Tshibaka said on Newsmax Thursday morning, while appearing on "National Report" with hosts Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg.

Tshibaka then added about the polls: "This is not good news for a 21-year incumbent with millions of dollars who spent 10 times as much as me in the primary."

The above reference involved Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.

In the other 49 states, the upcoming midterm elections on Nov. 8 feature primary winners from their respective parties.

However, in Alaska, instead of Tshibaka competing one-on-one against Democrat challenger Pat Chesbro in the general election, it'll be Tshibaka, Chesbro and the incumbent Murkowski participating in a three-way challenge.

Murkowski and Tshibaka may share the same "Republican" label, but the similarities stop there, said Tshibaka.

For example, Tshibaka asserts the majority of her campaign donations come from inside Alaska, but a large chunk of Murkowski's contributions come from other states.

Also, Tshibaka runs on an America First platform, which includes supporting constitutional freedoms, tapping into Alaska's vast natural resources for energy production, putting few restrictions on Alaska businesses and placing the welfare of Alaska and the United States above other countries.

"We're changing people's minds on the spot" with the grassroots campaigning, said Tshibaka, while pointing out the importance in securing a 1-percentage-point advantage over Murkowski over the next five weeks.

"[In a deadlocked campaign], that 1 percent is all we need to get the edge here," said Tshibaka. "And that's exactly what we're going to do to win."

Real Clear Politics has Tshibaka holding an 8-point lead over Murkowski.

"What we see [while going door to door], is people get really upset here when they realize that Sen. Murkowski's enabling the Biden administration," said Tshibaka, who has the full endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

Tshibaka added that Murkowski votes with President Joe Biden more than 80% of the time. She has also voted to confirm Biden's "radical" cabinet picks, including department heads who want "to kill our resource industries [in Alaska], and shut down our jobs."

From Tshibaka's perspective, Murkowski has abandoned her conservative roots for a platform that's now focused on higher gas prices, record levels of inflation and depriving Alaskans of their Second Amendment privileges.

"We're a Second Amendment state — even our Democrats carry guns," said Tshibaka. And yet, Murkowski voted for more restrictive gun laws in the Senate twice, including red flag laws for decent, hardworking Americans.

"And that's the point here. … Do we want a senator who's going to stand behind Joe Biden or a senator who stands up for Alaska? That's really the decision here," said Tshibaka. "We need leaders who are going to stand up for America."


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