Liberal Wash Post Admits GOP Loves Trump, Dems Dislike Biden

Liberal Wash Post Admits GOP Loves Trump, Dems Dislike Biden (Newsmax)

By Eric Mack | Wednesday, 02 November 2022 07:36 PM EDT

The MAGA love for former President Donald Trump dwarfs the tepid support for President Joe Biden, even The Washington Post's Philip Bump, an irascible Trump critic, admitted Wednesday.

"He's unpopular, with members of his own party (often self-servingly) calling for him not to run again," Bump wrote of Biden. "He's also already the oldest president in history, older at the start of his first term than Ronald Reagan was at the end of his second one."

Bump lamented Biden's hints at a run for reelection, despite tepid support, soaring inflation, and a sagging economy, while noting, "Trump may need to be treated for a sprain after winking so aggressively at the idea of running for his old office in 2024."

Bump pointed to the results of the recent YouGov poll in his analysis, which found Republicans are strongly coalesced behind Trump or Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, while Democrats are fractured and unsure of whom they want on the ticket.

"Democrats, despite having the incumbent president, are more splintered in how they view a potential field," Bump wrote.

"Republicans are more likely to say they want to see DeSantis and Trump on the ballot than Democrats were to say the same of Biden. And Republicans were as or more likely to identify Trump or DeSantis as their preferred candidates than Democrats were to say the same of Biden."

The findings of a scrambled Democratic Party show, "nine candidates pass the 20% mark — with an incumbent Democratic president!" Bump warned.

"That Republicans are more enthusiastic about two candidates (albeit one who is a former president) than Democrats are about their sitting president suggests that Biden's nascent reelection campaign didn't get started a moment too soon."