Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Biden Admin Lying About Border Security

Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Biden Admin Lying About Border Security Migrants load up at Mexico border to cross into U.S.

Central American refugees board a truck on their way north to the U.S. border, Oct. 10, 2018. (Getty Images)

By Fran Beyer | Monday, 24 October 2022 08:43 AM EDT

Former Customs and Border Patrol leader and FBI veteran Mark Morgan told Newsmax Monday that the increase in migrant border crossings is far greater than the Biden administration admits, calling Vice President Kamala Harris’ characterization of the influx a “lie.”

In an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” Morgan, who helmed the CBP in both the Obama and Trump administrations, noted the most recent figures released by the Biden administration show the total number of illegal crossings in September were 227,547 — a 12% increase from the prior month.

“They need to compare it to the last month of the Trump administration, you’re gonna see a 300, 400, 500% increase difference,” Morgan said.

“Our borders are wide open; they’s not secure,” he said, batting back Harris’ assurances.

“The truth is that essential resources are pulled off line” at the border, he asserted.

“In the first 22 months [of the Biden administration] the number is actually well over 5 million,” he said. “We’ve turned over operational control over to the cartels … the American people have been seeing this with their own eyes for the last 20 months.”

“We know drugs pouring [into the country] in record numbers,” Morgan said, citing the fiscal year number at “2.7 million total encounters.”

“They also arrested over 40,000 criminal aliens,” he said.

He added: “Although the men and woman on border protecttion are doing one heck of a job on the front lines,” Americans are not hearing “the real numbers … of what’s getting away.”

According to Morgan, “somewhere between 600,000 to 700,000” migrants are “getaways.”

”It’s absolutely outrageous and ridiculous that this vice president calls [the border] secure,” he said. “It’s a lie.”

Morgan also blasted the flow of the deadly drug fentanyl across the border from drug cartels.

“How many more Americans have to die before we make this administration reverse course,” he asked. “Enough is enough.”

“The leading cause of death [of those] between 18- to 45-years-olds in this country is fentanyl,” he said, noting that “95% come from the southern border.”

“For every pound of fentanyl we seize, 3-4 pounds are getting away, coming here and killing Americans,” he said.

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