Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Biden Admin Lying About Border Statistics

Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Biden Admin Lying About Border Statistics mark morgan speaking at a news conference Mark Morgan (Getty Images)

By Cathy Burke | Monday, 12 September 2022 09:15 AM EDT

The Biden administration isn't being honest — and Vice President Kamala Harris is outright lying — about the rising number of illegal entries at the nation's southern border, former Trump administration acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan said Monday on Newsmax.

In an interview on "Wake Up America," Morgan lamented the number of illegal entries is "above 200,000 again, shattering every lifetime record."

"What I'm hearing right now … actually in August [the numbers are] going to be higher than they were in July," he said.

"This administration also will not be honest with the American people about when this happens, when you open your borders and [there are] increases, especially during this time," he said.

Morgan said another increased number is even more horrifying.

"What's also increased, what's another record — they shattered the number of dead migrants piling up on our border," he asserted, saying "over 1,000 migrants have been found deceased on our Southwest border because of this administration's open border policy. They have blood on their hands yet you will never hear a word mentioned about this from this administration."

According to Morgan, migrants are taking advantage of lax U.S. border policies.

"We know that there have been fake families, that kids are actually being bought and sold and rented to … fake family to also be released," he said.

"We know that individuals are … taking advantage of the vulnerabilities," he said, noting "last year we heard about someone" claiming to be 70 when it turned out he was 24."

Morgan also lamented the 2021 case of a stabbing death of a man by an illegal immigrant who claimed to be a teenager at the border but turned out to be 24.

"That's the reality of what's happening," he charged.

Morgan slammed Harris for asserting during an NBC News interview Sunday that the "border is secure."

"It's a blatant lie," Morgan said. "The only time she has come near the Southwest border she didn't leave the confines of an air conditioned hanger, and she was miles away from the epicenter with respect to the catastrophic crisis.

"Under this administration, there have been over one million 'got-aways' because 90% of [our] resources are pulled off the frontline.

"This administration has literally had an operational control over the cartels, they push drugs across at an alarming rate, more than we've ever seen killing Americans," Morgan added. "We know there are criminal aliens, including murder, rapists, pedophiles, aggravated felons and gang members."


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