Massive Midterm Fundraising Haul Gives DeSantis Early ’24 Advantage

Massive Midterm Fundraising Haul Gives DeSantis Early '24 Advantage

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By Luca Cacciatore | Friday, 04 November 2022 06:23 PM EDT

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis boasts a considerable dollar advantage heading into the 2024 Republican primaries after bringing in a record-breaking $200 million for his reelection campaign, Politico reported.

In contrast, the GOP governor's Democratic opponent Charlie Crist brought in roughly $31 million. That amount raised by the former governor and congressman would be sufficient in almost any other gubernatorial race in the country — except Florida.

But DeSantis has spent only around half, $100 million, of his total raised. He also currently has more than $90 million left in the bank.

It stems primarily from his commanding lead in the polls against Crist. A recent InsiderAdvantage poll for Fox's WOFL 35 showed DeSantis leading Crist by 10 percentage points, 53% to 43%, less than a week from Election Day.

Politico notes that DeSantis' excess money might prove helpful for a potential 2024 presidential bid in the future.

"If you look at where the money is coming from, it's indicative of Gov. DeSantis being seen by national donors as the de facto frontrunner for president," Republican lobbyist Slater Bayliss from Florida told the outlet.

Bayliss said that any potential DeSantis challenge to former President Donald Trump would focus on authenticity, arguing Republican voters have the impression their candidates "cut deals and are more pragmatic."

"Former President Trump's whole brand on the Republican side was that he does not sell out," he acknowledged. "Gov. DeSantis has built on that and is taken more seriously by many Republican donors."

The news of DeSantis' deep pocket comes in the wake of several sources disclosing to Newsmax on Friday that Trump plans to announce the launch of his 2024 presidential campaign on Nov. 14, six days after the midterm elections.

Polls on the 2024 Republican primary have consistently shown Trump with a commanding lead over other prospective candidates, leading DeSantis by 31.8 percentage points in a RealClearPolitics average.

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