NRCC Chairman Emmer: ‘Security’ Is What Sums Up Midterms

NRCC Chair: 'Security' Is What Sums Up Midterms NRCC Chair: 'Security' Is What Sums Up Midterms

Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., responds to a question at a town hall meeting in 2017. (Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 04 September 2022 02:18 PM EDT

The midterm elections can be summed up in one word: "security," Rep. Tom Emmer, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said Sunday.

The Minnesota Republican said on "Fox News Sunday": "It's about Americans' economic security. It's about Americans' physical security … they have to make difficult choices every single day about groceries and gas, and on the security side, the physical security, Democrats pro-criminal policies have made our cities war zones."

The border is also a major concern, said Emmer, as it is being "run over by cartels" and every city in the United States is having to deal with the massive amounts of fentanyl that are causing overdoses across the country.

"Parents are wondering if their child is going to be the one that dies next," said Emmer, adding that Democrats have caused the problems facing the nation, and "they are going to pay for it at the ballot box."

And even though polls, such as in The Wall Street Journal, are showing Republican numbers slipping slightly, Emmer said he believes the Republicans will regain control of the House and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., will become the House speaker.

"I have talked about getting past Labor Day weekend when everybody starts to engage, and I like where we are at," he said. "Right now we are almost 7 points better on the generic ballot than we were just two years ago."

Meanwhile, "money talks, and money is painting a pessimistic future for Democrats in the midterms," said Emmer, adding that former President Donald Trump has been a "fantastic ally" for the party's fundraising efforts.

He added, when asked if the committee is recommending candidates keep their distance from Trump, that that is not the case, and that candidates know best what their districts want and how to run for office based on that.

Emmer also denied that the NRCC has recommended to candidates to back away from Trump or controversial issues like abortion after The Washington Post reported that nine candidates have scrubbed their information of such references.

"If Democrats want to make abortion the main issue when every poll we have seen says that the economy and the cost of living is the No. 1 issue, good luck to them trying to defend their extreme position," he said.

"Everything is more expensive because of failed Democrat policies," he added. "Eight out of 10 Americans believe this country is on the wrong track, and that is why they're going to vote for a change and elect a new Republican majority in the House."

Emmer also predicted that when McCarthy becomes speaker, he'll be the one to determine how to push back on Biden's policies, including stopping his student loan forgiveness decision.

"It's not only illegal, but it also's unfair, and it's wrong," said Emmer. If you think about it, every American who either chose to go into a trade or go to work, or went to college and paid off their debt like a responsible American is now going to pay $2,000 for someone else's debt."

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