Pence: ‘Relitigating’ 2020 Election Doomed Candidates

Pence: 'Relitigating' 2020 Election Doomed Candidates (Newsmax)

By Charles Kim | Tuesday, 15 November 2022 02:38 PM EST

Former Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that Republican candidates who focused on the issues of inflation, crime, and the southern border "fared pretty well," compared to candidates who rehashed the 2020 elections and lost their races in last week's midterm elections.

"Elections are about the future. And as I look around the country, it seems to me that candidates that were focused on the future, focused on the challenges the American people are facing — we have inflation at a 40-year high, gasoline prices up 60%, a crisis on our southern border, the worst in our lifetime, and, of course, crime in our major cities — the candidates that were focused on dealing with those issues and bringing policies to bear and real solutions, I think did quite well," Pence said during an interview on SiriusXm radio's "Julie Mason Mornings" Tuesday.

"But candidates that were focused on the past, candidates that were focused on relitigating the last election, I think, did not fare as well. And I think it speaks to the American people's desire to see a Congress that's focused on really what matters most. And that's the challenges that American families are facing today, and frankly, the challenges that America's facing in the world."

A Washington Post analysis of last week's elections found in 31 of 46 competitive races across the country, those who challenged the 2020 election results lost.

Eight races are still outstanding and election challengers won seven of the totals so far, the Post reported.

The most recent loss came Monday night as Arizona GOP Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake lost to Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs by less than 1%, 1,268,851 votes to 1,250,272 votes, a difference of just 18,579 votes, according to the Associated Press.

Lake, a former television news anchor, was endorsed by former President Donald Trump and made reforming state election laws part of her campaign.

"Arizonans know BS when they see it," Lake posted on Twitter after the election was called for Hobbs on Monday.

According to the Post, Lake's loss was part of a bigger trend that applied to candidates for the House as well as Senate and governor.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., another Trump supporter who questioned the 2020 results and drew national attention for her views on the issue, is only about 2,000 votes ahead in her 2022 reelection bid against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, 162,040 votes to 160,918 votes, the AP reported.

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