Peter Navarro to Newsmax: Biden ‘Talking Strongly, Acting Weakly’

Peter Navarro to Newsmax: Biden 'Talking Strongly, Acting Weakly' (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance")

By Eric Mack | Monday, 19 September 2022 09:59 PM EDT

President Joe Biden's "self-inflicted wound" on foreign policy disasters invite aggression, according to former White House senior adviser Peter Navarro on Newsmax.

"This is a new anti-Teddy Roosevelt/Donald Trump doctrine," Navarro told Monday's "Eric Bolling The Balance." "Instead of talking softly and carrying a big stick – which Donald Trump used to keep Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia at bay and peaceful for our four years – Biden is basically talking strongly and acting weakly and inviting this kind of aggression.

"That was a self-inflicted wound. It's hardly the first on foreign policy that Joe Biden has done."

Navarro's new book "Taking Back Trump's America: Why We Lost the White House and How We'll Win It Back" is set to be released Tuesday.

"This has got to stop, Eric; it's got to stop," Navarro continued to host Eric Bolling. "'Taking Back Trump's America' is a mission for me, and it's the House of Representatives that are causing the inflation, along with Biden, and Biden screwing up our foreign policy around the world right now, and it's dangerous, Eric."

Navarro denounced Biden having "poked the Communist Chinese bear" by saying Taiwan would be defended by America if it were invaded by China.

"It's an escalation up the ladder, hardens the communists' position even more, and it brings us closer to war nobody wants and we would never have under Trump, but might well get under Joe Biden, Eric, which is dangerous."

Biden is also bungling the domestic economy, the former White House trade adviser told Bolling.

"We're in a stagflationary crisis and it's manufactured by Joe Biden," Navarro said.

"The performance by Biden was abysmal and he not only denied reality on inflation, and also on stagflation," he added. "I think that the whole idea now is having sensible economic policy in the face of a stock market that's crashing and about to go lower."


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