Poll: 71 Percent of Democrats Say Biden to Win Reelection

Poll: 71 Percent of Democrats Say Biden to Win Reelection

(Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance")

By Brian Pfail | Sunday, 20 November 2022 06:21 PM EST

Seventy-one percent of Democrats say President Joe Biden could win if he were to run for another term, according to a new USA Today-Ipsos Poll.

The share of Democrats jumped 11 points since August when 60% expressed confidence in the president.

Half of the Democratic voters believe Biden "should be the nominee and deserves reelection," which is up by six points from August.

The poll released Sunday indicates Democrats are starting to feel better about Biden after surprising wins in critical races across the nation, such as in Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona, where candidates backed by former President Donald Trump were favored to win.

A sitting president's party typically loses big in an off-year election. Still, Democrats retained control of the Senate, while Republicans took control of the House by smaller margins than anticipated.

The USA Today-Ipsos poll found voters' perceptions, notably among women, jumped by tremendous margins. Fifty-five percent of women in August favored Biden, compared to 71% favoring him in November. Among voters ages 18 to 34, Biden saw an increase of 16 percentage points.

The poll was conducted from Nov. 15 through Nov. 16, surveying 843 Democratic voters with a credibility interval of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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