Pollster McLaughlin to Newsmax: Left, Media Cover Selves for Biased Polls

Pollster McLaughlin to Newsmax: Left, Media Cover Selves for Biased Polls people wait in line to vote People wait in line to vote at a polling place in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, on Nov. 8. (Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 08 November 2022 08:43 AM EST

The left and corporate media are "trying to cover themselves" with their biased polls that undersample Republicans when the numbers of voters who come out to election sites are usually almost evenly divided, pollster Jim McLaughlin told Newsmax on Tuesday.

"Over the weekend, The Washington Post and ABC News came out with their poll and they say the generic ballot between the Republicans and the Democrats for Congress is tied," McLaughlin said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "The whole problem with the poll is it's only 27% Republican."

However, in 2020, the exit polls showed that about 37% of those who voted were Democrats and 36% Republicans, "so they're undersampling Republicans by about 9 points," said McLaughlin.

In the key races, he added, Republican candidates will have underperformed in the polls, but do better in Election Day voting.

Further, while more Democrats typically vote with early ballots, that may be changing, said McLaughlin.

"If you look at a place like Florida, the Democrats usually outperform the Republicans when it comes to early voting," he said. "At this point, two years ago, there were about 30,000 more Democrats down in Florida and there were this time 321,000 more Republicans."

McLaughlin added that in other states, like Florida, Georgia, or New York, there are "positive signs for Republicans" when it comes to early voting.

Meanwhile, he said that when looking at polls, his company looks more to demographics, party affiliation, ideology, and ethnicity to make sure polls are accurate.

McLaughlin pointed to 2016 when other polls said then-GOP nominee Hillary Clinton would win over eventual President Donald Trump, he'd thought incompetence led to that assessment, but now he thinks such conclusions were "biased."

"Just like we get bias in their media coverage, we get bias in their polls," he said. "My message to everybody is, and I say this is a pollster, forget the polls right now. Just go out and vote."


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