Rep. Biggs to Newsmax: Report on DOJ Politicization Points to ‘Very Top’

Rep. Biggs to Newsmax: Report on DOJ Politicization Points to 'Very Top' Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz. (Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 04 November 2022 01:17 PM EDT

A 1,000-page report from Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee focusing on the politicization of the Department of Justice and the FBI shows that the problem begins "at the very top" with President Joe Biden, Rep. Andy Biggs, a member of the committee, told Newsmax on Friday.

It could also mean examining the FBI and determining what sections should be dismantled, the Arizona Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report."

"You want to keep some of the areas that are relied on by local law enforcement, but you're going to have to clean that up and maybe disband certain sections of the FBI," Biggs said. "You're going to have to address it financially.

"They're claiming that they want to build a brand-new facility that's going to cost over half a billion dollars. Well, that can't happen until you clean up your act internally. So you have a leverage point with that."

The report, compiled from information ranking committee member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, gathered from whistleblowers, claims that the FBI has abused its authority to spy on American citizens, including some with former President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

It also outlines concerns about the progress of the investigation into President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden.

"Right now there's dissension in the ranks in the FBI because of this politicization," Biggs said Friday. "Don't forget that they're trying to purge people who have conservative points of view."

He added that leverage to clear away "this mess" could include using federal rules that would allow stopping the salaries "of bureaucrats like Christopher Wray, who refused to clean up this mess that's been there for some time."

The report also addresses the matter of Hunter Biden, saying that mounting evidence shows that the federal agencies appear to be turning a blind eye to the potential dangers to national security from his dealings with China, Russia, and other foreign nationals.

"They apparently have been suppressing the evidence," said Biggs. "They didn't bother to look at the evidence, the evidence being the laptop that was there, plus additional evidence in the second laptop.

"It was in the FBI's position for over a year without them actually even looking into it, even though there had been allegations that it contained criminal conduct or records of criminal conduct on that laptop. Then when they did begin to look, they actually suppress that evidence and they didn't ever transfer for further investigation and prosecution where necessary."

But still, the FBI and DOJ worked to "elevate and misconstrue and mischaracterize parents who were showing up at school board meetings to protest woke policies," said Biggs. "That's just such a blatant political abuse of power that's going on there, and that's got to come out. We're going to have to hold the FBI and DOJ accountable."

Biggs added that Hunter Biden "almost assuredly" will have to be subpoenaed to Congress to answer allegations that have been made about him, said Biggs.

"We won't do it like the Democrats do," he said. "He'll have the right to have a counsel there, and we'll do the appropriate due process. But the bottom line is, you have to get to what's gone on here, find out if there was suppression, and then we have to hold people accountable."


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