Rep. Chuck Fleischmann to Newsmax: Biden Has Taken ‘Wrecking Ball’ to US Energy

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann to Newsmax: Biden Has Taken 'Wrecking Ball' to US Energy (Newsmax/"Saturday Report")

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 08 October 2022 12:33 PM EDT

President Joe Biden's war on oil has created an unnecessary energy crisis and taken a "wrecking ball" to American energy production and the economy, according to Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., on Newsmax.

"From day one when Biden left his speech, where he was going to be for all Americans, he went back to the Oval Office and took a wrecking ball to our energy policy — from the Keystone pipeline, which he basically stopped and now it is dead, to thwarting domestic oil production," Fleischmann told "Saturday Report."

"I want to listeners to know the United States has such abundant oil reserves that we can actually dwarf the Saudi oil fields. We've got it in this country, but what he did he put us in a very difficult position domestically and a crisis arose."

The situation has come to a head recently as Biden went to Saudi Arabia this summer to get them to pump more oil — to replace the oil production he slowed in the U.S. — only to have OPEC+ do the opposite: Cut oil production further, Fleischmann lamented to host Rita Cosby.

"Then you see just how weak he is internationally when OPEC could have stepped up this week, Rita, what did they do? They laughed in his face," Fleischmann continued. "They basically insulted the United States, and they agreed to cut oil reserves by another 2 million [barrels] a day.

"It's outrageous, so he's failing on all fronts. He's failing the consumers and he's going to feel it at the pumps. The American consumer is outraged. We've seen gas prices go up and up again. It doesn't have to be that way."

Former President Trump had the U.S. pumping oil and energy independent, if not energy dominant, Fleischmann noted.

"Under President Trump we had abundance," he said. "We had domestic abundance. We were exporting oil. This is a disaster."

Biden's only answer to increasing oil supply has been to use up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that was topped off by former President Donald Trump — to the objection of critics — Fleischmann continued.
"His attack on the strategic oil reserve is outrageous," he said. "It leaves us further vulnerable at a time when the world is dangerous, and we don't need to be vulnerable."

Biden is further stepping in it with "dangerous" rhetoric about nuclear armageddon, too, according to Fleischmann.

"When you're dealing with nuclear warfare and nuclear brinkmanship, we've got to be extremely careful that rhetoric matters, that talk matters," he warned. "We cannot have this level of irresponsibility. The president needs to be called out about this and we really need to start focusing on this. This is dangerous.

"The world is a dangerous place. We have several nuclear capable countries. Not all of them are our friends, obviously, so this rhetoric from Joe Biden is dangerous. It's wrong. You need to apologize."

Midterm voters in the middle have to be seeing the benefits of turning the country back over to Republicans in Congress, Fleischmann concluded.

"The president's party is in disarray," he said.

"From day one, Biden has taken direct wrecking ball to this economy to our oil, to our natural resources. It's ridiculous."


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