Rep. Claudia Tenney to Newsmax: Far Left ‘Doesn’t Sell’ in New York

Rep. Claudia Tenney to Newsmax: Far Left 'Doesn't Sell' in New York

(Newsmax/"Prime News")

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 20 October 2022 10:35 PM EDT

New Yorkers dealing with inflation, high gas prices, and rising crime are seeing the failure of "one-party rule," Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., told Newsmax.

"The Democrats have nowhere to go but the far left, and that just doesn't sell and people are starting to recognize they refused to actually come to the middle," Tenney told Thursday's "Prime News."

"The Republicans are in the middle and all this, 'they're extremists and the MAGA people are extremists': Not at all, and everybody knows that."

New Yorkers are tired of dangerous crime, Tenney told host Jenn Pellegrino.

"The Democrats don't want to talk about that: It's abortion 24/7 and smearing Republicans, calling anyone that cares about America First, make America great again, is somehow an extremist," Tenney said.

Tenney also praised former President Donald Trump's "populist ideas" for bringing Republicans to the middle.

"One of the interesting aspect of Trump's movement and make America great is he prioritized the American worker, a bastion that was once part of the Democrat platform," Tenney said.

"Trump moved in and said, 'no, let's re-empower our American workers; let's bring our supply chains back, let's bring back industry in places like New York state and upstate where I live, which is like a rust belt.

"Let's do that for American workers, the American people."


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