Rep. Cline to Newsmax: Special Master ‘Appropriate’ in Trump Raid Investigation

Rep. Cline to Newsmax: Special Master 'Appropriate' in Trump Raid Investigation rep. ben cline speaking at a hearing Rep. Ben Cline, R-Va. (Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 06 September 2022 10:57 AM EDT

It was "appropriate" for a special master to be approved to oversee the examination of the documents seized from former President Donald Trump's home in August, as the Department of Justice and the intelligence community have a "poor track record" of acting in a nonpartisan way where he is concerned, Rep. Ben Cline said on Newsmax on Tuesday.

"It is continually disappointing to watch as our DOJ muddles its way through this terrible procedure of executing the search warrant and collecting all kinds of potentially personal attorney-client privilege-protected information," the Virginia Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report."

Cline added that one needs only look back to the discredited Steele dossier on Trump and at how the investigation conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller operated "to see that they don't have a great track record."

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, who approved the demand for a special master in the case, is a 2020 Trump nominee and has come under fire from critics for her decision, but Cline said she should be presumed to be neutral.

"Judges have the presumption of being neutral arbiters," said Cline. "This judge was confirmed by the Senate and is presumed to be neutral in her decision making."

But the liberal media is angry, said Cline, because "they can't put their finger on the scales anymore."

"That the left can't direct the process from the West Wing, as they have done from the beginning of this process, just shows me we're on the right track toward a fair and neutral decision-making process in this case close on this," said Cline.

Meanwhile, many GOP candidates have been endorsed by Trump for the November midterm elections, but Cline said that in his state, several competitive House races are going on and voters have a "crisis in confidence" with Congress being under Democrat control.

"We see inflation with four-year highs," Cline said. "We see crime rising. We see energy prices spiking, and [voters] want balance. They want leadership from their elected officials, and they're not getting it."

With a Republican majority in the House and Senate, however, lawmakers will hold the executive branch accountable for exceeding and abusing its authority, Cline said.

"You're going to see investigations proceed when the Republicans take control," he added.


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