Rep.-Elect Mills to Newsmax: Florida Chose Me as ‘Outsider’

Rep.-Elect Mills to Newsmax: Florida Chose Me as 'Outsider'

Cory Mills, U.S. Republican Representative candidate for Florida, speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 24, 2022. (Tristan Wheelock/Bloomberg via Getty)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 12 November 2022 01:14 PM EST

Rep.-elect Cory Mills attributed his decisive win in Florida's 7th Congressional District against incumbent Rep. Stephanie Murphy to being a political outsider.

"We outperformed with almost 17 points above our opponent who's the vice chair of the Democratic Party of Florida, and I think that what really swung the vote with our non-party affiliations and also with even Democrats was that they didn't see me as a politician," the Florida Republican said on Newsmax's "Saturday Report."

"I'm a political outsider, businessman, and a United States Army combat veteran. They saw me as a person of action."

He noted that he paused his campaign to go to Afghanistan to help rescue Americans who were left behind in the "botched withdrawal."

"They saw me roll up my sleeves in hurricane Ian, delivering food and going out and doing rescues and evacuations in the flooded areas of Seminole and Volusia counties," Mills added.

"So what they looked at was that I was the person that wouldn't stop it for cheap political rhetoric and that I was actually going to get the job done," said Mills.

He said he fights hard for state and individual rights, and talks all the time about constitutionality and what it is to be a fiscal conservative.

"I explained to people, don't focus just on federal races," said Mills. "Look at our school boards. Look at our commissioners. Look at our city councils. Look at our mayoral races. These are the people who make real changes and this is where we need to have the most impact."

Mills also hit back at CNN's Ana Navarro, who made claims against Gov. Ron DeSantis and his win to get into office, and commented that the bottom line is that people see "real leadership" in Florida.

However, Mills said he does not yet know whether DeSantis is running for president, but he does think people are trying to pit him and former President Donald Trump against each other.

"I would personally love to see President Donald Trump have four years and Gov. DeSantis eight years," said Mills. "Twelve years of stewardship and leadership will be good for the nation."


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