Rep. Fallon to Newsmax: Mayorkas Will Likely Resign After Midterms

Rep. Fallon to Newsmax: Mayorkas Will Likely Resign After Midterms Rep. Fallon to Newsmax: Mayorkas Will Likely Resign After Midterms Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX). (Jason Andrew-Pool/Getty)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 20 October 2022 01:31 PM EDT

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will likely resign after the midterm elections because Republicans in the U.S. House will be impeaching him not only for his lies about Border Patrol guards whipping Haitian refugees but because he did not tell the truth about the border being secure, Rep. Pat Fallon said on Newsmax Thursday.

"Our office plans to file articles of impeachment on Sec. Mayorkas come Nov. 9," the Texas Republican, who is part of the House Oversight Committee, said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America."

"I suspect what he'll do is he'll resign after the midterms because if he doesn't, he's going to have a parking space right outside the building where our committee meets because he's going to be in front of us so often."

Mayorkas, who has been under fire from Republicans for months because of the situation at the border, reportedly learned that the narrative that Border Patrol agents on horses whipped a group of Haitian migrants was false but still denounced the officials just three hours after he was told in an email the photographer who took the viral pictures said the immigrants weren't whipped.

Fallon also noted that Mayorkas last year testified in a hearing that the border was secure, "but then he got caught on a hot mic shortly thereafter saying that the border was in chaos, so clearly he was lying then as well."

The congressman also commented on reports that the Biden administration pressured the mayor of El Paso, Texas, against declaring that there was a migrant crisis.

"That demonstrates that Joe Biden is putting the political agenda of his administration over that of protecting Americans," said Fallon.

Meanwhile, even though numbers for September haven't been released, Fallon said he thinks that at least 3 million immigrants have crossed the border illegally this year.

"April was the worst month we've ever had, with a record 234,000 illegal border crossers, or 1,258% worse than the last April that President [Donald] Trump was in office, and then only to be eclipsed by May, which was 241,000 illegal border crossers, 930% worse than the last May," said Fallon.

"When you include the known got aways you're looking at almost 1.5 million illegal border crossings. We've never had anything like that. And I think when the September numbers come in, adding known got aways, plus the illegal border crossers we're looking at three million."

Fallon also accused the administration of ignoring the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are trying to enter the United States legally, because they won't necessarily vote as Democrats.

Further, he said that the left tries to inject arguments about race into the matter of immigration, but "95% of those folks" who want to enter the country legally "are people of color."

"Any time somebody on the left tries to inject race into immigration and border security, it's absurd," said Fallon. "It's immaterial and it's quite frankly disgusting."


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